Sunday, July 31, 2005

Free At Last!

Spotted in the bullpen today at Safeco: George Sherrill! No confirmation on anything official yet, but with Villone being traded, it's entirely likely that George is taking Villone's spot.


Edit by Corco: Rotoworld Reports that Sherrill has been recalled and is available for today's game! Woot!

Edit by PositivePaul:
Judging by the box score, I'd say it's official. Two innings, 3Ks 1BB, 0 H, 0 ER. As Napoleon would say:


Friday, July 29, 2005

Homer Chase

Introducing a new feature on the Morsels -- the "Reliever's Homer Chase"

I'll try and abuse my limited graphic editing skills and come up with something fun to illustrate the situation in the bullpen. Here's my first offering:
(no -- this isn't a Gap commercial. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the huge gap below exists)
(My God. Tried fixing it myself, but nothing makes that gap go away. And running the script standalone without blogger eliminates the gap. Blech. --Corco)

Okay, so I've killed this whole graphics in a table in Blogger idea, and have dusted off my "Flash" skills. My goodness, Blogger is WORSE than Front Page! --PositivePaul

Is it Just Me? 7/29/05

Is it just me, or:
  • Does the thought of trading for Manny Ramirez, under the right circumstances, intrigue you? Sure, it'd be very tough to assume all of that contract, but man can he hit. He's arguably the best righty hitter in the game, and definitely in the top-5. I'm not sure how badly he wants to play the field, but I'd rather have him as DH than Ibanez -- 12 days a week.

    Yes, he was placed on irrevocable waivers before 2004 so we could've had him for "free", and he has some clubhouse issues. But this team needs some more power (even if Beltre has another year closer to 2004), and it's hard to find power and productivity like Manny's. This team still desperately lacks offensive punch and without any power in the minors, that's not going to change.

    Money really shouldn't be the issue. The payroll for this season isn't even as high as what was budgeted for. The M's definitely have some payroll flexibility in the coming years, and some of that pot should go towards a proven, hyper-productive hitter. I really don't want Manny in the outfield, though, so if he demands playing there, then I don't want him.

    Sure, there are all kinds of reasons ($57 million for a 33/34/35 year old slugger?) why we might not want him, but there are also all kinds of reasons why it's intriguing...

  • Would it really be cool to hang out around section 128 tonight? I mean, those of us who watched the game on TV yesterday were graced for a few minutes by the presence of a pinchable-cheeks cute Bloomquist family member, Lisa, pulling the ketchup (catsup?) bottle out of the basket she put together in her husband's name to auction off for the sake of military families everywhere. I mean, I'm really curious how much someone is going to pay for a basket full of Willie Bloomquist autographed items, a "Meet The Parents" DVD, coyote call, and Ketchup.

    I bet that the basket with the autographed Ichiro t-shirt/ball goes for $10,000. I'm not kidding. I literally mean $10,000. While walking around the stadium last season taking pictures during Edgar's retirement party, I stopped off at the M's wives auction table, and watched a lady write an $8,000 check for an autographed Ichiro jersey. Sandra Beltre's a smart lady -- this auction should raise a lot of money for military families. Of course, if you want in on the action, you need a ticket to tonight's game and a whole lot of money. I'd like to know, too, which basket will have a Napoleon Dynamite DVD in it.
Hey -- maybe we could steal that idea! Corco, CK and I could collectively put together a basket of our favorite M's memorabilia, and some personal favorite items, and come up with a worthy charity (or use the proceeds to pay for some real web hosting so I can launch my custom-made blogging app and not be forced to rely on the perils of Blogger). I'm sure I've got a basket, and I know we all have stuff we could get rid of. What do you say, guys?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is it Just Me? 7/28/05

Okay, so I'm going to try and redirect this whole "What the F**K?!?!" thing a little. Instead, I'll approach it from a slightly different perspective. Introducing the "Is it Just Me?!?" discussion. Without further adieu...

Is it Just Me, or:
  • Should reporters stop asking Jamie Moyer, in a nutshell, if he's OK with being traded to a potential World Series contender? Yes -- he wants to play in the World Series. Name one player who doesn't. Even if he has given his super-secret, double-pinky-swear approval to Bill Bavasi to trade him to a list of teams, that info will not and should not be divulged. Just leave Jamie alone about the whole trade thing.
  • Does the whole Scott Spiezio situation make you want to take some Prozac? He lost his wife, he (essentially) lost his job, he lost his gig. I'm sure Scott's a decent dude. Just because Bavasi gave him a few more million than he probably deserved isn't reason enough for him to have a total collapse. Did he sell his soul to Elizabeth Hurley to get that hit in the 2002 World Series?
  • Do the current Everett Aquasox uniforms look sweet? Especially with Jeff "no, I'm not Jason Bateman" Clement in them? I'm glad we got him signed, and I'm happy he got a hit in his first pro at-bat. He's got skills. And I'm not talking about sweet bikes, moustaches, and the ability to hook up with chicks.
  • Added 10:30 a.m. Has any concern about Richie Sexson's shoulder (knock on wood, stroke a lucky rabbit's foot, avoid black cats and ladders) completely disappeared? Not trying to jinx it, but had I not just thought about that, I might've otherwise completely forgotten. I still don't like the contract, nor am I a huge Richie Sexson fan, but it's still nice to finally have some legitimate power in the lineup.

Monday, July 25, 2005

WTF -- 7/25/05

Today's What the F**K!?! is brought to you by Winston Churchill:

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
  • Willie Bloomquist back in the lineup. I thought I heard the Fox guy saying on Saturday that his hitting streak reached 12 games. Initially, I thought, "What the F**K -- didn't he have an 0'fer day on Friday?" But looking back at the box score, he came in for Spiezio as a defensive replacement, and didn't get an at-bat. However, he went hitless on Sunday, and has officially come back down to earth. What the F**K?!?
  • Mike Morse made yet another error that ended up costing the game. First we have a black hole in the offense, now we have a black hole in the defense. Can't we get someone in there who's at least average. What the F**K!?!?!?
  • Our good friend Bob Finnegan, throws out a W.A.G. that the Yankees would send over Carl Pavano for Randy Winn. Nevermind that Pavano is soon to come off the DL, I've never been very excited about him. Sure, it'd be nice to have another arm in the rotation, and I do belive that Pavano would pitch better in Safeco than in Yankee Stadium. However, we need a staff ace, and Pavano is a #3-4 at absolute best. However, considering Randy Winn's averageness (and expendability), if this deal can be done, and it means we rid ourselves of Ryan Franklin next year, I say What the F**K!!!?!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

WTF -- 7/20/05

Something tells me I know what the highlight of WTF will be. PositivePaul, you can take it from here.

Edit: PositivePaul 7/21/05 8:23 a.m.

Actually, Corco, it's a toss-up:
  • Scott F. Spiezio got his 2nd hit of the year. A home run. His first in nearly 11 months. It also doubled his batting average. What the F**K?!?
  • Ryan "F***ing Flyball" Franklin gave up two home runs. Evidently he was also trying to share his feelings about a lack of run support with Orlando Hudson during the game. Or was he waxing poetic about stealing signs... What the F**K?!?
  • Wonderboy Mike Morse showed his defensive vulnerability, with three errors last night. More fuel for Franklin's fire? Still, he didn't let it affect his bat. He had more hits last night than Wilson "Exxon/Mr. Coffee" Valdez would've had in a week. And more extra-base hits than WV would've had in a month. What the F**K?!?
  • Oh, and I almost forgot one. JJ Putz and Matt Thornton must be having a side bet to see who can lead the relief corps in HRs. Currently, Thornton's ahead 9-7. Uh, guys -- you're pitchers. You're not supposed to GIVE UP HRs. What the F**K?!?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Playing Armchair GM

My 5 moves to make this team better next year:

  1. Trade Scott Spiezio, Greg Dobbs and RHP Jon Huber to the New York Yankees for RHP Tim Redding (0-6, 10.57 ERA) and Andy Phillips. Release RHP Tim Redding. Option Andy Phillips to Tacoma. Recall Justin Leone from Tacoma.
  2. Designate LHP Matt Thornton for Assignment with the intent of outrighting him to Tacoma, recall LHP George Sherrill
  3. Trade LHP Eddie Guardado and LHP Ron Villone to the Boston Red Sox for RHP Bronson Arroyo, LHP Lenny DiNardo, LHP Chris Narveson. Assign Arroyo to Seattle, Narveson to San Antonio. Trade RHP Gil Meche, LHP Lenny DiNardo to the Florida Marlins for LHP Scott Olsen. Designate RHP Aaron Sele for Assignment, Activate IF Dave Hansen from the 15 Day Disabled List. Activate RHP Rafael Soriano from the 60 Day Disabled List; Designate C Pat Borders for Assignment (with the intention of outrighting him to Tacoma) and Recall C Rene Rivera
  4. Trade OF Randy Winn to the LA Dodgers for RHP Johnathon Broxton, RHP Steve Schmoll, IF Antonio Perez. Trade IF Antonio Perez and RHP Steve Schmoll to the San Francisco Giants for P Merkin Valdez.
  5. Trade RHP Jeff Nelson to the New York Yankees for a PTBNL/Cash, Purchase the contract of OF Abraham Nunez.


Soriano (CL)
Sherrill (SU)
Putz (MR)
Hasegawa (MR)
Mateo (MR)
Franklin (LR)

RF Ichiro
CF Reed
LF Snelling
DH Ibanez
1B Sexson
2B Lopez
SS Morse
3B Beltre
C Olivo/Rivera

C Rivera/Olivo
UT Bloomquist
UT Leone
OF Nunez
IF Hansen

WTF -- 7/19/05

Okay, I'm going back to this whole "What the F**K?!?!" format. As long as no one objects.

  • Mike Hargrove is killing me. KILLING me!!! After watching Sele predictably struggle to get outs tonight, who does he call to get ready to replace him? Righty long reliever Jul-- eeerrrrrrccccchhhheerrccherrrchcchcchcch (anti-lock brake noise). Nope. Guess again. Shiggy F. Hasegawa. What the F***K?????
  • Okay, so Shiggy does his damage, but the M's bats stay alive and bring it back to within one run. NOW it's time for the righty long reliever extraordinaire, right? WRONG! Try Matt F. Thornton. WHAT THE F******K?!?!?
  • Finally, Mateo gets the call and the M's rally back to within two. Chris "Doyle" Snelling launches a double, Scott Spiezio comes in to pinch hit for Borders. Yes. THAT Scott Spiezio. The one who has one hit all season. What does he do? He watches a 3-2 pitch go right down the middle of the plate. What the F*******K?!?!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Back to Work

Wow -- it's hard to believe it's been nearly a week since I dared to even dream the impossible dream. It shows to go ya how time vanishes the older you get. I dare not eat the tots I found in my pocket, as I have know idea if they're yesterday's tots, or from a few weeks ago. I guess that it's also going by faster, as the lull period at work has vanished, too. My blogging time at work is finally taking a back seat again to a project with an impossible timeline -- though, believe me, I'm not complaining. I'd much rather have 1,000 things to do at work, all colliding at once, than have a few things to get done without a specific timeframe. Plus -- it shows that I can actually force this ideology to the back burner when I so desire. Sure, I need to feed my addiction, and I do take a few minutes here and there to catch up on the latest M's news. But, times like these show that I'm not so suckered in that I can't ease up on it for awhile.


Is it merely coincidence that Willie Bloomquist's starting role experiment took a break the day after his career-best 10-game hitting streak ended?

Nice to see Mount St. Piniella erupt today. I was wondering how much fire he still had brewing in there.

George Sherrill will be back soon. He's finally pitching again in Peoria. Who will he replace -- Thornton? Villone? Nellie? Shiggy? Here's to hoping his health is back, and that I don't jinx it again.

Bobby Madritsch's tear is 100% healed, according to the "augmented" MRI. However, I'm sure that with the amount of M's pitchers who've suffered serious injury lately, you can pretty much believe that the MRI was augmented only slightly less than, say, Pamela Anderson.

Here's to hoping that Bob Weiss' tenure as Sonics head coach, inheriting a team in a slightly better situation than the 2003 M's, lasts longer than Bob Melvin's, under very similar circumstances. Except that the Sonics have already pretty much rid themselves of aging, over-the-hill veterans, and will build on the success of the 04-05 season with a core of Allen/Lewis/Ridnour/Collison, Allen being the greyest of beards. I like that makeup better than I did the 2003 M's that BoMel inherited (Boone, Olerud, Edgar...).

Let's see what we bring to Toronto. Especially offensively. Good thing Halliday's enjoying a club-med vacation. Lilly is beatable. As is Towers. Chacin's ERA has climbed up nearly a point in a month. Can Morse continue to be very solid with a bat? He's had over 100 ABs now, and has really been quite surprisingly consistent.

Here's to a series win against elsid's favorite team, eh?!?!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dream, the Impossible Dream

As exciting as it may be to wax nostalgic about what happened a mere decade ago, it's also fallacy to think it can happen again. Or is it?

This has been a huge internal struggle for me, as I can be quite the optimist, yet able to understand the reality of so many things working against this team. I'm a firm believer that man, collectively, pushes the limits of what's possible every single day. It's always possible to redefine what's possible. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. There's always deviation from every standard. Things go statistically wacky every day.

Is it realistic to believe that this team can compete this year? Probably not. But what person or group of people ever succeeded in making the previously impossible possible by telling themselves that what they are about to embark on is impossible? If we're looking at rebuilding the M's into a competitive club any time in the near future, then the very first step, as Lou Piniella taught this team back in the early '90s, is that losing is unacceptable. The strike-shortened 1994 season was nearly as bad, winning percentage wise, as what we're seeing now (43.8% -- between the 38.9% we saw last year, and the 45.8% we've seen so far this year). With the wounds of the strike still very fresh, the 1995 team didn't exactly get off to the greatest of starts, either. But look where they ended up.

Of course, the talent level on that 1995 team was much different than that of this current team. Unless Felix comes in, shows he's healthy, and pitches to the epitome of his potential right away, then this team doesn't have a Randy Johnson ruddering its rotation. I'm pretty sure that getting Pokey Reese off the DL is not like getting Ken Griffey Juinor back in '95. Maybe if Bucky ever gets healthy, then you might have a better parallel comparison there. Willie Bloomquist might be as good as Rich Amaral, Alex Diaz, or Luis Sojo, and is definitely as well-liked, but still -- this is a much different team in a much different situation.

Bill Bavasi, Mike Hargrove, and the rest of the M's brass are getting paid millions of times more than any of us bloggers are to do their jobs. In spite of how well we armchair GMs may think we could be running this team, they're still the only ones currently employed making their very comfortable livings to do just that task. There's nothing a single one of us can do except (perhaps foolishly) expend our energy trying to make this team better, shouting at whomever will listen to get the job done or make us (arguably) feel slightly better.

For that very reason, I've decided against doing a mid-season report card. What's really the point? I would hope and assume that the guys being paid the big bucks to run this team have looked at how this club needs to improve. I would hope and assume that they are trying to do things, based upon intensely complicated parameters we could barely envision, to turn this club into a winner both now and in the long-term.

Which brings me around to my main point. I'd much rather have this team focused on taking steps to turn the impossible into the possible than to have a team that implodes on itself by pointing fingers at other teammates and management. I was actually thinking about this long before Thomas Harding's article on Ichiro's that showed up today on the M's site revealing Ichiro's excitement over the possibilities of the second half of 2005:
Seattle right fielder Ichiro Suzuki solemnly stated his second-half goal in Japanese to his interpreter, Allen Turner:

"The goal is to go 70-6."

The laughter the answer brought snapped Ichiro into English:

"Why you laughing?"


"I'd rather have people say, 'He can break that record,' rather than people saying, 'I wonder if he can get 150 hits this year.'

"It's a better way of looking at it."

This comes from a guy who doesn't think seemingly impossible standards are funny.

If Ichiro's high expectations were to rub off on this team, think of what this team could accomplish! Granted, Willie Bloomquist does not have Ichiro's talent. But does that really matter? Again, if you set goals that are geared towards mediocrity, then you'll end up underacheiving. Sometimes you might want to set your goal just above what you think you may be able to acheive. Is that being merely blindly optimistic? Well, it depends. If you truly change your attitude and focus your energy on accomplishing that goal, then maybe it isn't. You have to know when to call a spade a spade, and maybe Boone's DFA is the signal of calling this team a spade. However, maybe Boone's presence was hurting this team's focus moreso than it was helping it.

It's certainly laughable to think that this team can go 70-6 the rest of the way. If they did that, they truly would be making the impossible possible. I'd still rather say that this team can improve, and make it back to .500 (a more possible impossibility, however difficult it may seem, than going 70-6 the rest of the way) than wonder if we can even improve on last season's record.

After all, mere attitude and self-sacrifice to the common goal can turn the seemingly impossible into the possible. Add intense focus and desire into the mix, and you can even exceed what you initially envisioned. I experienced this first hand being a part of a team of folks using the limited and under-refined talents we had to serve a common, aggressive, but clear and achievable goal. Sure, we were carried on the backs of a few stars without whose talent and experience, our goal would not have been met. But without the cooperation and focus of everyone involved on our common goal, the people of the world would not have chosen my team over the gecko's.

Let's focus on helping make the impossible possible. In memory of the recently departed Luther Vandross, crank it up!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

WTF -- 7/10/05

  • Felix pitched again today -- one scoreless relief inning in a loss. WTF!!!!
  • The M's swept aside the rally monkey, er I mean, the LALALALA Angels. WTF!!!
  • Willie Bloomquist extended his career-best hitting streak to 8 games. With a double, even. Brill Kreme Kreuger called Willie Dynamite, "The sparkplug that has ignited the offense." Uh, Bill -- WTF?????!?
  • Morgan Ensberg is replacing Scott Rolen on the NL All Star squad. Yay!!!! Er, I mean, WTF!!!!!!
  • It's worth repeating. The M's just swept the Angels. A four-game series. In Anaheim. WHAT THE F****************************************************K???

Enjoy All Star week!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

What the F**K -- 7/9/05

  • Flyball Franklin has now won back-to-back games. What the F**K?!?
  • Flyball Franklin gave up fewer than 5 runs. Again. Against LALALALALA. What the F**K?!?
  • Willie Bloomquist set a new career-best hitting streak. A whopping 7 games. Hey -- this is a maaaaajor accomplishment for him. Like I said over at LookoutLanding -- I hereby officially un-hate Willie B. No, he's not a guy I'm going to drool over, like Rick Rizzs and just about everyone else involved with the M's, but he does show that he's useful from time to time. His baserunning alone is worth that MLB minimum!What the F**K?!?
  • Speaking of Willie, I got confirmation today that indeed they're shopping him. Not sure what kind of market exists for a weak-hitting utility infielder (especially one that wouldn't have the hometown-hero card to play in another city), but if we can get something for him (and not have to pay him 7 figures next season)What the F**K?!?
  • Miguel Olivo had a big sh*t-eating grin on his face after he got out of the worst possible thing that can happen to you as a hitter with runners on and less than two outs -- bunt the ball into the air. It seems Esteban Yan is dyslexic -- he ran to the front of the mound, and the ball landed behind the mound. I thought I saw a rally monkey in the crowd mouthing something like:What the F**K?!?
  • And finally, Rick Rizzs was giving advice to Kevin Calabro, voice of the Sonics, on how he can make the transition from basketball to baseball. He begged KC to use his trademark "Good Golly, Miss Molly!" when someone hits a home run. Watch. Raffey Palmeiro will come into the series at Safeco with 2999 career hits. Top of the 9th, with a runner on, Palmeiro jacks one just under the "Hit it Here Cafe" for his 3000th career hit. KC will come through for his little buddy Rick Rizzs. Know what I'll say? You guessed it. "What the F**K!!!!"

Sox v. Hawks-Cruddy Game.

It is hard for me to believe that I wasted 4 hours in driving, $40 in gas, and $20 in food to watch last nights Hawks vs. Aquasox game.
I left my house at 4:16 or so, Pacific Time, hauled butt, going about 85 to Cascade, slowing down only in Donnelly, and then I had to slow down through the canyon, such as to avoid flipping the car, and then there's too many cops in Eagle/Boise, and my car (1997 4-cylinder Jeep Wrangler) is too slow to be able to haul up Horseshoe Bend Hill.

So, I got my arse to Hawks Stadium at about 6:22 (due to excessive traffic on State St.), to see 3B Ronald Prettyman up to bat with the sacks juiced. LF Casey Craig at third, 2B Luis Valbuena on second, and 1B Jeff Flaig at first, nobody out. Prettyman hits himself a nice sac fly, driving in Craig, Hawks 1-0. DH Daniel Santin and C Brian Schweiger proceed to make outs. I am reminded of the 2005 Mariners. They rock with bases loaded, otherwise they couldn't drive in a run to save their lives. This continued, the only sign of goodness when Valbuena doubled and Flaig doubled him in. This was good.

In Corco's opinion, Valbuena and Hall are the only ones that stand a chance to be big leaguers. This was a cruddy looking team. Craig needs to be promoted, however. He's hitting the snot out of the ball but he doesn't look like more than a AA/A Masher.

Mark Reed is awesome. Keep an eye out for him.

But this game was boring. I enjoyed seeing some friends, but otherwise, there was nothing redeeming about it. I enjoy watching the Hawks, I lived in Boise for 7 years, but I like the Sox better. Hawks Stadium is a nice place to watch a game, though. I haven't been to many minor league parks, but of those that I have (A Kane County, AAA Columbus) this is much nicer. Good people. I ran into a tickettaker I recognized from Freshman year of High School, he told me I owed him $50 and he wouldn't let me through until I paid him, so I had to use another gate. But this is a nice stadium. Stunning view of the Boise foothills, nice looking field, generally nice atmosphere. On the third base bleachers there were some drunk morons, but otherwise, this was an enjoyable experience. The game was really boring, though.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Off to Boise

I'm going down to watch the Sox/Hawks game. Detailed game report tomorrow afternoon (spending the night down there with some friends because I don't want to drive back in the middle of the night) No time for a longer post now as I'm already 20 minutes behind schedule and I'm going to have to haul ass (about 2 hours, 5 minutes from here to Hawks Stadium) to get down there in time for the pregame.

What the F**K!?! -- 7/7/05

  • Willie Bloomquist hit yet another double, making it 4 in a row. Came back down to earth the rest of the game. What the F**K?!?
  • Joel Pineiro, he of shut-down-early-last-season-because-of-injury fame, threw 119 pitches in a complete game last night, when we were up by a touchdown after two frames. Is this not a prime situation, after 7 innings, to enlist Thornton's or Nelson's services? What the F**K!!!2
    (yes, that's WTF squared...)
  • Citizen K blogged yesterday the most he has since March. What the F**K?!? Missed ya 'round here, CK! :-)
  • Adrian Beltre and Jeremy Reed (my two favorite M's) both had bases-clearing doubles. Beltre would've had another double, were it not for a fine, fine catch by Curtis Pride. What the F**K!?!
  • And, finally, Rob Dibble calls Derek Jeter the "Jordan of baseball" What the F**K?!? (unless, as I said over at LookoutLanding, he's referring to NKOTB Jordan Knight)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Willie F'ing Bloomquist

Willie Update, 6/6/2005: He's at short...again, three days in a row at short, 6 straight starts. Unbelievable. This makes me grumpy. If Willie must be in the lineup, why at short?! Morse has sat two days in a row for this guy. That's crap. Put Willie at 2nd, Lopez had a bad day yesterday, or give Ibanez a day off, or something. But starting him in the same spot 3 days in a row at another players expense is crap. Willie must be being showcased, I don't care what Dave tells me.

Update 1st inning, 6/7: 4 doubles in a row. Unbelievable. Call me a grinch, but this makes me want to kick a puppy.

Yes, I'm still alive.

The last five games, Willie Ballgame has been manning the field. The first day, it was acceptable. Reed had fouled a ball off, and Willie was our spare outfielder. OK. Bloomquist in center is acceptable, although I'd've gone with Hansen at DH and Ibanez in left. Day two, Doyle appears. Willie is STILL in the lineup. Great. Morse gets a couple hits, all is good. Ditto day three. The next day, Morse and his couple hits make way for Willie Dynamite who takes over at shortstop. Day five, Morse is still out of the lineup, and Willie is batting...2nd?! As if Reed, Snelling, Lopez, or even Pat Borders wouldn't be a better option there.

Now, there must be a good reason for this. And it's not a "fan favorite" thing, because..we're on the road.

Best case scenario:

Is Willie being showcased for a trade?

Worst case scenario:

Is Willie being given an oppurtunity to be an everyday player?

But here's the thing, I can't think of a team that needs a scrappy utility player.

So we must be giving him an oppurtunity to play everyday, so he can rack up plate appearances and murder us during arbitration (Let's give Willie a $2 million dollar contract!).

No matter how you shake this, it's bad. We're all going to die.

What the F**K!?! -- 7/6/05

So as not to overshadow a thread by someone other than me on this blog, (Thanks, Corco!) I'm bumping this down a little, in spite of posting it after the M's game.
  • Willie Dynamite hit 3 doubles tonight. (What the F**K?!?)
  • It's July 6th, and the M's are still carrying 12 pitchers on the roster, and that doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon (What the F**K!?!)
  • Nate McMillan is leaving the Sonics. I don't know what hurts worse -- that he's going to Portland, or that he's leaving period. Nor do I know who to hate more -- McMillan (traitor) or Walker/Sund/Schultz. Nevertheless, I now re-hate the Sonics (What the F**K!!!!!!)
  • Brill Kreme Krueger had an idea that sounded decent last night. Swap Beltre and Sexson and let Beltre hit cleanup for awhile. It might be a bad idea, since Beltre might then develop Boone's penchant for double plays, but then... (What the F**K???)
  • And, last but certainly not least... We just lost a series to Kansas City. Really. That Kansas City. (What the F**K?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What the F**K!?! -- 7/5/05

Okay. Now it really looks like I'm flying solo again. In light of this, I've been trying to think of some creative, yet easy-to-maintain, tidbit that will make this blog a little more interesting, give it a little bit of personality, and help me stay motivated to keep it alive. Enter the "What the F**K!?!" (whenever I feel like it) thread. I promise to have one weekly. I'll even try to do it daily, as I'm totally confident that: as long as 1) Hargrove is managing this team; 2) Bavasi is its GM; and 3) Howard Lincoln is its CEO, there's enough fodder to find something to say "What the F**K!?!" about at least once a day. So, without further adieu and in honor of Gilbert Godfried/VH-1 (and needing little further introduction, but merely to say -- with a hint of harmony sung by the guys from Almost Live's "Lame List"), "What the F**K!?!":
  • Willie Bloomquist has started four (make that..five --Corco) days in a row. Say it with me now: "What the F**K!?!"
  • Pat Borders has started 5 out of the last 6. (WTF?!?)
    --In addition, Rene Rivera was sent down to have Olivo be Borders' backup (hence the need for PB to start so frequently. (WTF?!?)
  • Scott Spiezio pinch hit for Chris Snelling (WTF?!?)
  • Beltre is finally hitting somewhere other than third -- and shows us that a Mariners third baseman can actually hit a ball (and hit some home runs, to boot). (WTF?!?) Oh, yeah -- this whole WTF thing can also mean, "Hey, it's about damn time!"
  • The M's lost to the worst team in the AL. So much for the season sweep... (WTF?!?)
That's all for today. There's a whole lot more, but I'll save some for later.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bye-Bye, Boone!

The M's just lit a M 1,000,000. Actually, an M 4,500,000, give or take a few. Bret Boone has acheived the same status John Olerud did last season, and the future re-starts today. Jose Lopez got the nod to head back up north, instead of south to Portland. A bit odd, though, since he was just sent down to Tacoma, and normally you can't bring a guy back up until 10 days after he was sent down. We learn from George Sherrill's brother, in the comments over at Lookout Landing that:
...since the MLB offices were closed when the Lopez move was made, they were able to void that move. In turn the DFA of Boone now only has 8 days instead of the normal 10, as that move took the place of moving Spiezio up.
So we only have 8 more days to thank Bret Boone for his services. Maybe something with the Padres will be consummated after all. This move forces everyones' hands, and we should see something happen within the week. Or perhaps he'll just fade into the sunset, along with the remainder of his $9 million salary.

I probably should be a little bit sadder than I am over this move. Maybe it's the whole ideology thing that's not affecting me as much any more, but it was just way too hard to watch this team with Boone sucking air, both with the bat and the glove. I'm also one who has yet to really see why people are so high on Lopez. In all the games I've seen with him, both in Seattle and in Tacoma, I haven't been convinced that he's all the prospect he's touted to be. Maybe because he's still quite young. I'm just not sure. Still, if we're going to have a losing ball club, I'd rather have it be full of young up-and-comers than with overpriced-over-the-hill veterans.

So, I say, drink one for Boone. If you got some Boone's, then all the better. Thanks for the memories, dude!

Now, let's hope that Bavasi gets a clue with Thornton, when Sherrill is back pitching again. Get well soon, George!

Note added -- anyone notice that the July 26th bat night no longer has any reference to Bret Boone. It originally was scheduled to be Bret Boone bat night. I wonder if they're going to be Jose Lopez bats. Or Adrian Beltre bats (since Beltre is closest to the alphabet to Boone). Hmm. Could this be a reason why they made this move today? Last day for changes before the bat-engraving sweatshops in China start crankin' 'em out? Hmmmmm.