Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Bye GS52!

If I didn't have enough of a reason to hate the Carlos Silva signing, I do now. It's not good enough for him to steal nearly $50 million from the Mariners -- noooooo. Now he goes and steals #52 from George. Ugh.

I will never ever ever call him "CS52".

//Wonders how good George would look in Orioles Orange...
///No, GS52 hasn't been traded, yet. At least I haven't heard anything, yet. I just can't call him "GS52" anymore without confusing even more people (and certainly "GS" looks a lot like "CS" so I don't want to even think about being misinterpreted...)...

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Now that's more like it...

Glad to know the M's are still the stupid team I somehow know and love...

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Survived, so far...

Well, it appears that Bavasi survived the Winter Meetings without completely devastating the team. Of course, there's still time, but I'll consider this progress. In fact, I'll give him a pretty big pat on the back! I'm a little excited about the minor move he made today -- grabbing 33-year-old knuckleballer R.A. Dickey from the Rule 5 Draft:

As Super-Sleuth marc w found and linked in the comments on USSM, Jamie Burke was his teammate in 2006.

In spite of rumors, and his name being thrown around, too, George Sherrill is still a Mariner. He's due his first arbitration (as a "Super Two"), and since Bavasi has yet to actually take a player to arbitration, I expect a 2 or 3 year deal, like those given to Putz, Lopez, and Betancourt. I'd LOVE to see the dollar figures similar to what those other guys got, but everything I've heard isn't quite that high. I'm thinking 3 years, $6 million is probably fair, but I'd be surprised if the M's gave him that.

Oh, and I get asked a lot what I think about the possibility of George being traded. I think I speak for everyone w/the "Free George Sherrill" campaign when I say that I'm actually OK with it. Ultimately the campaign will be successful when George is given a proper role on a team who appreciates his talent and utilizes his skill as either an important setup man (read: NOT as a LOOGY) or a closer. We hope it's with the Mariners, but with J.J. Putz entrenched in the closer's role and the M's hesitation a) to call him up in the first place and b) give him consistent, increasingly-more-challenging at-bats versus righties, I'm not convinced it's his best organization. And, with some of the contract numbers I've heard, it's clear they don't want to pay him properly either...

If he's a part of the package that ultimately lands a guy like Santana or Bedard, then I'd be happy. Although, wait. I don't want him exiled to an even worse organization than the Mariners -- Baltimore -- but they're in need of a closer, and might actually use him properly. And the commute for his parents in Tennessee would be much easier, too. But that his name is being mentioned in those trade packages -- for players of that quality -- is definitely encouraging. Indeed, other teams may see his value more than the Mariners do. Ultimately, if George is happy, I'm happy. Yeah, I'm sure he's happy to be on an MLB roster, making an MLB salary, but his goals are bigger than that, and he's better than just "roster filler."

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Please, Bill, DON'T PANIC!!!!

Look, I realize you've got a tough job to do. You've undoubtedly got pressure from the suits above you to walk away from Nashville with some starting pitching, if not a few other pieces. Dude, though, don't pull what you did last year, and trade a valuable asset for someone who was just about to be non-tendered (and, hence, available for only the inked dollar amount on a contract, not a valuable player). Please Please Please learn from your mistakes. Just because Plans A, B, C, and D don't work out -- DON'T PANIC!!!! Be patient, pave some in-roads, really decide what it is you want and make a reasonable deal when you're not downing drinks in the bar...

There's still time to evaluate the market and figure out who you really want. Edwin Jackson is a good idea -- but think about what Tampa wants, and what fits best. While Wlad might be a bit much, it's not completely unreasonable. Don't just get rid of Jose Lopez to get rid of him. Ben Broussard, too. You already messed up with the Guillen situation, although I'm sure the folks above you probably influenced that decision quite heavily.

Kick the tires some more on a few guys -- Bartolo Colon, for example. Sweeten the pot on Santana -- think creatively.

But please, O please do NOT make another Horacio Ramirez-level mistake...

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