Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday Shopping

With all the earlybirds cramming the stores chasing after the worms ($299 laptops, $499 LCD HDTVs, etc.), there's got to be some GMs chasing after bargains this morning as well, right? Heh. I'd say: wrong!

If the early contracts doled out are any indication of what the holiday season will deliver for MLB clubs trying to upgrade their teams, there aren't going to be any worms for the earlybirds. $45 million to Juan Pierre; $50 million to Garry Mathews Jr.; $136 million to Alfonso Soriano. In Houston, Tim Purpura's wife sent him to the store to wait in line at Wal Mart for the $79 portable DVD player, and he came home with a $100,000,000 Carlos Lee.

It's this last item that has me a bit excited. Two years and $28 million, opens the door to making Richie Sexson a bargain in this market. Since Lee ended up with Houston instead of Baltimore, it's like the M's have just opened up the last case on the left side of the board, and have two cases left on the bottom of the right side. The Mariners need starting pitching more than they need Richie Sexson, and they just might be able to get it now that the last real right-handed power-hitting free agent is off the market.

I'll admit to being crazy and getting out of bed early on a perfectly good day off. Even though I gave the shoppers a 2-hour head start, I still got most of everything on my list. There were tons and tons of people out shopping, looking for bargains. Plenty of bargains remained in the stores.

I'm not so sure there are any bargains left on the free agent market.


At 11/26/2006 10:13 PM, Blogger Citizen K said...

I totally agree. Bavasi nees to prove himself as good a trader as he purports to be a drafter and developer. To me, his "fast track" minor league promotion system means nothing. The slavering newpapers sell this as a good thing, with the M's fielding one of the youngest teams in the league. However, this also might indicate the fact that the M's are basing their broadcast level of optimism on the fact that their minor league promotions haven't sucked ALA Scott Spiezio in the Emerald City. Not that they've multilaterally earned this promotion; they've "earned" it by being members of Tacoma while Basaci cleaned house at the Major League level.

Some performed "decently," but most displayed an egregious lack of strike zone judgement. It seens as though the M's are relying on power numbers to build their system, without looking at bases on balls at all. Not that Moneyball is the be all/end all of MLB philosophies, but the M's could definitely use more on base percentage.

My hope is that Snelling can stay healthy. (Knocks on wood, hard enough to crack it...)

At 11/27/2006 4:54 PM, Blogger Snave said...

I don't think there are many bargains left out there in the FA market. Any pitchers who might help are probably gone already or will be soon... Eaton is apparently signing with Philadelphia, and I suppose teams with deeper pockets and a greater willingness to spend will get Schmidt, Zito, even Lilly.

I'm also thinking that Seattle is needing good pitching more than it needs Richie. I would be willing to go with the Broussard/Perez platoon for a year or two at first base if it meant getting a good starting pitcher in exchange. I don't know which teams would want a power-hitting 1B now, but maybe the Orioles... would they give us Erik Bedard for Rafael Soriano, Richie Sexson, and a large chunk of Richie's salary?

I am also hoping against hope that Snelling has the injury bug licked.

At 11/28/2006 10:49 PM, Blogger Citizen K said...

That wasn't the real Citizen K who made the first post. Odd. Or was it?


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