Monday, February 07, 2005

Blogging Co-location

Considering that a lot of visitors come to the Mariners Morsels from Lookout Landing, and the guys over there have this new thing called "Diary" to invite others to help populate their cool site, I feel OK with doing some of my blogging work over there. For those of you who may come here without going over there, I'll invite you over there for my latest diary entry asking who will go down first in 2005.

Generally, if it involves a poll, I'll post over there and try to link it here. I'm working sparingly on writing my own home-brewed blogging application, and since it's going to take awhile for it to be up and running, I'll continue to use a combination of both realms to spew my thoughts.

And, in case you're wondering, my prediction is Magglio Ordonez. That may not be a fair, though, because he may well start the season on the DL.


At 2/07/2005 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Positive Paul, I just want to say that I read your post on the P.I. blog and I appreciate your humor. You suggested how we should call Beltre, "Yo!" Anyway, thanks for the chuckles!



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