Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm So Confused!

Okay, so first it was "" and then merely a few months ago they decided to forego Blogger and migrate with the flocks to WordPress. We had to hiccup along with them as a new domain was born -- "". As fate would have it, the M's landed a new thirdbaseman, whose signing signaled the fate for one of my favorite M's blogs. Although I entirely expected to see a certain graphic involving a car (in response to my preference for third-sacker) to aide with the transition process, it's judiciously missing from the new site.

Looks like I'm going to have to change my tab settings in Firefox again. Thanks, Corco, for the tip!

LeoneForThird has officially become "". I may be a bit dizzy, but I'll catch on soon enough.

Best wishes on your new endeavor, folks formerly known as the "LeoneForThird Guys!" I'm sure you'll be seeing me 'round your parts...

Fortunately we don't have any links to update. I doubt there is anyone who reads The Morsels who isn't already aware of the other cool, superior blogs. I'm okay with being the blogging equivalent of leftovers. Besides, freedom of expression doesn't mean that people actually need to hear you. It's just fun to have another place to talk, without having to bother the people who own and run the site. I'm sure Munchausen is more willing to forgive me for my ramblings than other people are.

And I'm still confused as to why we might find Jeff Nelson useful. But that's another story all together...


At 1/31/2005 5:17 PM, Blogger Jeff Sullivan said...

All the more popular blogs had to start somewhere. M's bloggers are lucky because they're part of a tight-knit community that generates a lot of shared traffic; with quality content, you'll be reaching unimagineable readership levels in no time. The key is to be patient, because it can be discouraging to see "Comments: 0" every time you post.


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