Monday, June 13, 2005

Swept While Sweeping

Across the country, in the "other" Washington, the M's were swept. Here at home, though, the AAA Mariners swept a 4-game series with the AAA Dodgers. Considering how hot the Nats have been (and how hot it's been over there), while rising to first place even without a legit "superstar," I'm not surprised. Does anyone really expect Ryan Franklin to stop the bleeding and avoid the sweep? I'm wondering what his final HR/9 will be. It's got to approach two.

Back at home, the AAA Mariners are starting to catch fire. At the Lookout Landing gathering on Friday night, I mentioned to Jeff what a relief it was not having to see Baek pitch. Of course, the LL gathering was rained out, even though they eventually got the game in. It was inevitable, then, that on my next visit to Cheney I was graced with a start from Baek. However, the Baek that pitched tonight really looked like a genuine prospect -- 6.0 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 8 K. I won't complain at all about seeing that.

I've never sat in the GA bleachers before, so thanks to free tickets from my parents, I sat in right field. It's a different game there than from where I usually sit (Section H). Plus it was MUCH easier to take the 3-year-old to the "Running with Rhubarb" from where we were sitting. As an elderly lady learned from Joe Thurston, though, you have to really keep alive for foul balls. The lefty Thurston hit two of them in our general vicinity, but was only 1-2 in the fan-beating department. Poor lady had an awful bruise on her arm. I've seen worse at Safeco, though.

T-town gets Portland to battle for a few days. Whomever wins the series gets ahold of second place in the division, depending on how Salt Lake does. Portland's a game out of first, and Tacoma is a game and a half. We all know how heated the rivalry is between Seattle and their "natural" rival the San Diego Fathers. However, there is a genuine rivalry between their AAA clubs. Maybe that's where we can start generating some anti-Padre fervor.

Well, it might work, except for one problem. The M's are horrible at managing their minor league talent.


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