Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hey it's Good... be back home again!

After not winning a road series until late last season, the M's come home after winning their first road trip this season. That's very good news. Yes, it took a sweep of the lowly Royals to do it, but decent teams should beat bad teams. The M's may not end up a playoff team this year, but at least they're not a bad team so far. Locked in a 3-way tie for first in a division where teams will continue to beat up on each other, the M's remain at .500 for the season. Raul and Reed are starting to find their swings, and Reed is getting the job done in CF. Heck, even Randy Winn has shown that he doesn't always throw like my 3-year-old, having gunned down a guy at second.

If we can keep Sexson and Beltre healthy, and Moyer can continue to pitch like the Moyer of old, we should be able to keep this season afloat. If by the middle of July we're within 3-4 games of the division lead, then we'll have to see if Lincoln truly has changed. We could potentially have a lot of assets to trade to get that extra pitcher or extra bat that we need to make a run at the playoffs. With the majority of the decent players slated for free agency at the end of this season resigning with their current teams, the market for good players that could help us "return to competitiveness in 2006" (a statement I've always had issues with), will be very tight.

Again I proclaim: Why stop now?

Keep hanging around, guys!


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