Wednesday, March 02, 2005

But I'm Happy Now!

Thanks to KOMO's self-refreshing home page, I saw that the M's won their spring training dress-rehearsal game today before any of the AP links had the info. Kudos to KOMO for providing a registration-free, rapidly-updating news site!!!

Sexson and Beltre remembered all their lines and didn't flub their roles, each starting off the un-official Cactus League season with a longball. Their performances inspired Dan "Grandpa" Wilson to do an impersonation, too, and he whacked a wicked 2-run bomb of his own.

Who cares if these stats count. I like the results.

I'd do a poll over at Lookout Landing on this, but I'd have to add a lot of names, so I'm going to leave it open. I'll probably ask the same question there, though (yep -- I did):

Who will hit the first HR of the (regular) season for the M's?

I'm going out on a limb. I'm casting my vote for Miguel Olivo. Don't ask me why -- just a huge hunch.


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