Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rally at the Safe

Munchausen -- I'm going to post this below your great work. That post will get top billing on the Morsels for awhile! I'm still thankful you took the time to assemble this stuff. Great work!

On Channel 13 news at 10 "Q it up Sports", Dan Devone and the KCPQ folks showed a small group of faithful fans taking action outside of Safeco. I was wondering which one of the M's blogosphere had the guts to protest as Santa (Trent, was it really YOU??? Dave Cameron or Derek? I know -- it was Logan Summers from the PI blog!). Whoever you were out there, THANKS! That was SWEET!

Indeed, as Devone points out, the showing was quite weak, but the message was a good one. He fumbled through trying to explain that the main purpose of the protest was that the fans were tired of the FO pocketing the money at the deadline, and not spending the cash in the FA market. He concurred that it was an important message, and that the M's fans are hungry for a good offseason.

A subtle, weak, but well-intentioned action. I called for this several months ago, and was motivated to organize it myself, but haven't had the time or the energy. Huge kudos go out to those folks who braved the ridicule. Got my attention, and I want to see more. Maybe the post-USS Mariner feed can encompass a rally in front of Safeco. It might attract a little more, and a little more serious, attention. Unfortunately I have a family commitment across the bridge, but I might swing by for a bit (and I'm sure my wife and toddler would join in) if there were indeed a huge rally at the Safe.


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