Monday, April 02, 2007



I've been a critic of Felix's for a bit now. I hadn't bought into the hype, really. Just couldn't do it -- I've been burned by the hype of guys like Pineiro, Meche, Nageotte, Anderson, etc. That started to change, however, when the stories of Felix arriving at Seattle for FanFest, and January media day, in shape and hungry.

Today, though, I'm sold. I took a metric giga-ton of pictures today (even skipping an inning or to to give George my congrats), and they've finally uploaded. It's not my favorite picture, but it does tell the story in one picture -- look in the top-left, next to the foul pole:

Congrats, King Felix. You've earned your crown. You deserve the kudos. You've just taken over top spot in my favorite-pitched game that I've attended. Move over Randy Johnson's 19K/McGwire mammoth HR in the Kingdome.

There's a new King in town!


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