Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Not Dead Yet!

Well, while I've pretty much made up my mind about cancelling the web hosting for MarinersMorsels.com. All of the files have been stored on my computer, and I'm ready to mothball it for now. I apologize in advance for any images that might've been stored on that site and linked on older blog threads. I'm attempting to use my free hosting services to see if I can upload everything there. I assume I should be able to, but since it's free, it'll involve ads. Fortunately, I'd registered the domain for three years, so even if I temporarily lose the hosting, I still have the domain. I'm going to hang on to the original Blogger for the immediate time being, until they force me to assimilate, or until I decide to move it elsewhere.

Anyway, although my focus has been more on photography than baseball lately, I plan on discussing a few things around here. There may be a surprise or two on the horizon as well. I've got a few things brewing that I've been wanting to throw out some thoughts on.

Arthur Rhodes made his Cactus League debut today (I believe, anyway -- I haven't but listened to one or two games, really). He pitched pretty well. While I am a little nervous for George, I'm not to the point where I'm concerned. George should hold his own. Having a second, reliable lefty in the 'pen should help George pitch better by not forcing Hargrove to have to warm him up darn near every game.

I promise I'll have more baseball content on here soon. A few things to wrap up and finalize. A special thanks to Montana Grizzly for supporting my photography by purchasing one of my prints. Not sure if you come around here, but, in case you do, hey, thanks again!


At 3/09/2007 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, if you have the domain for 3 years but not hosting you should check out 110mb.com

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Check here for a list of stuff they offer. http://www.110mb.com/plans.php

It can be slow at times (it is a free host after all), but no adds on your site at all. Their only adds come when someone stumbles on a 404 page.

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At 3/21/2007 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see a few posts lately. Glad you figured something out though. Please don't give up the posting ship even if you give up blogging. I know place that is a pretty decent board and you can post pics there too.



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