Wednesday, December 27, 2006

George Interested in George?

In an interesting tidbit of speculation today mentioned by Rotoworld, the North Jersey Media Group reports that the Yankees might be interested in our buddy George Sherrill as part of a package for Randy Johnson. That's really interesting on several accords.

I'm not sure if it's entirely public or not, and I hope elsid (or any of his family) won't shoot me for sharing this info, but the Yankees were very interested in signing George away from Winnipeg at the same time the M's were. He chose to sign with the M's. However wisely, of course, is debatable.

I think it was a great decision because the Yankees aren't exactly known for coveting their prospects. Unless your name was Mantle, Dimaggio, or Gehrig, they never have been, really, either. Just ask my great uncles... In spite of it not happening as quickly as it should have, it's more likely that he got his MLB career off to an earlier start with the M's than he would've if he'd signed with the Yankees. And, finally, too, M's fans are more intelligent than Yankees fans. He's much more likely to have a fan-blog dedicated to him with Seattle than in New York. Okay, so the spotlight's MUCH brighter in NY, and moments like what happened on 5/16/05 probably would've garnered George a few more fans in NY than in Seattle.

It's also interesting in that Randy Johnson is one of my all-time favorite players. Back in the M's heyday, RJ and Buhner were lightyears ahead of Griffey, Edgar and A-Rod on my 'favorites' list. I remember the thrill of '95 and the "Not even the Yankees can beat our Johnson!" sign in the Kingdome. Count me in with those who believe that, despite the recent back surgery, Randy Johnson still has a year or two left in the tank. He might even be rejuvinated to pitch three or more years.

Of course, this really is all just pre-New-Years'-drunkenness-in-training. The M's would never trade for Randy Johnson. Randy would never come back to Seattle as long as Chuck Armstrong was in the M's org. In the odd chance that it would happen, though, it would be hugely bittersweet for me. My fandom for George would definitely extend beyond him being with the M's -- it would just be very, very hard for me to cheer for him in a Yankees', A's, or Angels' uniform. The cool stigma of George being able to say "I was traded for Randy Johnson!" would take away some of the sting. Getting RJ back in Seattle would be fantastic.

And I'd be as schizo as always...


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