Monday, August 08, 2005

I So Love My Wife!!!

I just wanted to write a little note to say how cool my wife is. Last week, she got to fly out to Buffalo for one of her two annual conferences (last year she flew out on our anniversary). Although she's not as huge of a baseball freak as I am, she still likes to watch the game, and, like me, has a special affinity for minor league baseball.

Last Monday she called me. From the Buffalo Bisons game. Evidently she'd sampled a little too much "Ballpark Red" (the wine that didn't have a label, and so it ended up with that moniker) with her fellow companions, as she was a little bit giggly. What she didn't tell me, though, was that she picked me up a special gift. Half awake on Sunday morning (she came home Saturday night), I struggled to get my crusty eyes open as she walked into the room and said "I forgot to give you something last night." I tried even further to wipe away Mr. Sandman's abundant blessings, and when I finally was able to chisel out enough room with my fingernail for one eyeball to open, she handed me this box. It contained something that I'm quite certain no one else in the M's blogosphere has.

Evidently, August 1st was Ernie Young bobblehead night. Whoever Ernie Young is, I'm not exactly sure. From what I've read, though, Ernie Young bobblehead night is probably not unlike Pat Borders bobblehead night, although Ernie Young hasn't ever been the World Series MVP, isn't quite 42 (not too far, though), and isn't a catcher. It sure would've been sweet if it were a Jhonny Peralta or a Grady Sizemore bobblehead. But she couldn't exactly be picky.

Besides, it's the whole thought that she loves me enough to remember how she was leaving me 50,000 miles or so away with our 3-year-old, and partaking in a baseball game not held in the greater Seattle/Tacoma vicinity that I find pretty cool. She was given the opportunity to go elsewhere, and thought it would be fun to go to that game. Especially since they were giving away Ernie Young bobbleheads.

I love you, dear!


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