Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What the F**K!?! -- 7/5/05

Okay. Now it really looks like I'm flying solo again. In light of this, I've been trying to think of some creative, yet easy-to-maintain, tidbit that will make this blog a little more interesting, give it a little bit of personality, and help me stay motivated to keep it alive. Enter the "What the F**K!?!" (whenever I feel like it) thread. I promise to have one weekly. I'll even try to do it daily, as I'm totally confident that: as long as 1) Hargrove is managing this team; 2) Bavasi is its GM; and 3) Howard Lincoln is its CEO, there's enough fodder to find something to say "What the F**K!?!" about at least once a day. So, without further adieu and in honor of Gilbert Godfried/VH-1 (and needing little further introduction, but merely to say -- with a hint of harmony sung by the guys from Almost Live's "Lame List"), "What the F**K!?!":
  • Willie Bloomquist has started four (make that..five --Corco) days in a row. Say it with me now: "What the F**K!?!"
  • Pat Borders has started 5 out of the last 6. (WTF?!?)
    --In addition, Rene Rivera was sent down to have Olivo be Borders' backup (hence the need for PB to start so frequently. (WTF?!?)
  • Scott Spiezio pinch hit for Chris Snelling (WTF?!?)
  • Beltre is finally hitting somewhere other than third -- and shows us that a Mariners third baseman can actually hit a ball (and hit some home runs, to boot). (WTF?!?) Oh, yeah -- this whole WTF thing can also mean, "Hey, it's about damn time!"
  • The M's lost to the worst team in the AL. So much for the season sweep... (WTF?!?)
That's all for today. There's a whole lot more, but I'll save some for later.


At 7/06/2005 8:35 AM, Blogger Mike L said...

I wonder if Bloomquist would be interesting to a contender. He's got some speed, and versatility on defense.


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