Thursday, June 09, 2005

Public Service Announcement

Most morsels need milk -- especially those made of chocolate. Inspired by a KOMO TV news story this morning, I'm encouraging everyone to do what they can to save the milk man! There's not much time left, but please visit and send the USDA a message. Read another story in the Times on this.

Now, you may be wondering why in the heck I would even post such a thread on a baseball blog dedicated to the Mariners in general and "Free George Sherrill" in particular. I suppose I could stretch the creative side of my brain and come up with a relationship that may or may not pique your interest. No, I'm not going to do that. I generally don't like to get into political discussions either. Still, one wives' tale that I recall learning somewhere is that you can measure the direction of an economy by, oddly enough, looking at milk prices. I also believe in drinking good milk, and I'm sure all good, strong baseball players drink their fair share of it, too. Good milk is just as important as good baseball. Taste the difference. It's like the difference between locally-grown strawberries versus the Arnold Schwarzenegger variety. Or, for you beer drinkers out there -- it's like drinking a fine microbrew over, say, a Schmidt. Sometimes it costs more, but actually in this instance, it's not necessarily the case. So, that's the correlation. Oh, and you'll also see the occasional ad from "The Dairy Farmers of Washington" when watching the M's. I have my doubts, though, that the smaller dairies are part of this cooperative.

Now, support your local small dairy. Buy produce and dairy from your local Farmer's Market -- and if you need a good one in the greater Seattle area, come down to Olympia. They're open Thursday through Sunday, and have some of the best darn stuff available. The music isn't usually half bad either. And, no, no one has asked me to write something on this. I felt the urge to say something before we lose yet another bona fide treasure in this capitalist economy.

Go Mariners!


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