Thursday, June 23, 2005

Flying Solo?

I know Citizen K is probably thoroughly cleansed by now of his baseball addiction, after having spent the last several months going pretty much cold turkey from everything MLB. I'm not expecting any posts from him any time soon, but should the motivation and time appear, I'm sure he'll throw his own Morsel that out-trumps all the threads I've written between that post and the last time he's written. I've seen a faint pulse from Corco in the comments boxes on various blogs, but since he's been noticably absent from the button-pushing ├╝ber-obsessiveness on USSM, I suspect he's got other committments as well . So I guess regular readers of The Morsels will have to put up with me for awhile...

This team is schizophrenic! It definitely has multiple personalities, and you never know which one's going to show up when. The good news is that it's not like last season, when the M's team was dark and sorta goth. There are elements of that personality still evident in this team, but it's balanced by the team with a personality I rather suspect we'll see a lot of in a few years. No, we may not have the next A-Rod/Griffey/RJ/Buhner/Edgar team on our hands, but I do like the core of Reed/Beltre/Sexson/Ichiro. I'm still waiting for Morse to come back down to earth, fully expecting him to do so by the All Star break (or shortly thereafter), so I'm not quite going to add him to that core corps yet. Still, I just hope that the new personality will once and for all overtake the others, and we'll see a team that's fully gelled, even if that new personality is not quite a championship-caliber one.


At 6/24/2005 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morse hasn't played anything but shortstop, and he hasn't been that bad, somewhat suprisingly. I was afraid he'd be a total butcher, and that he certainly hasn't been. As expected, he's a bit rough around the edges and dosn't have great range, but he has a solid arm and i could see him developing into a Rich Aurilia type player...not very exciting to those of us who saw Rich last year, so i'll revise that to "young Rich Aurilia" type ;)

At 6/26/2005 11:40 AM, Blogger David J. Corcoran said...

I've been in the process of moving and I've been working long hours. I should be over and done pretty soon and I'll be around by next week sometime.


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