Friday, January 21, 2005

Ticket Price$

Hola, amigo(s). I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya...
(So says Jim Anchower).

Anyway, I've been busy with work, family and now classes, and haven't had much free time to think up any good posts.

I still haven't done the latter, but here's something I came across when I was organizing my files over Christmas.

I found a printout from June, 1999, documenting the original ticket prices at Safeco Field. I decided to compare them to the prices of today.

(Section: price in 1999 - 2005)
Center field bleachers: $5 - $7 (not too bad)
Left field bleachers: $7 - $13
View Reserved: $13 - $17
Lower Outfield Reserved: $16 - $24
View Box: $16 - $24
Terrace Club: $33 - $43 (outfield) (Also there's now a Terrace Club Infield for $55)
Field: $25 - $35
Lower box: $28 - $55!

This isn't intended to prove anything, just thought it might be interesting. (But what's the deal with the $55 box seats?)
More substantive posts to follow, I hope.


At 1/25/2005 12:14 PM, Blogger PositivePaul said...

Hmm, let's see...

$50 for Lower Box seats smack dab behind home plate at Safeco, or $7 for Section H (basically the same location, except generally closer) in Cheney Stadium. I'll take the $7 seats at Cheney.

Placing a temporary moratorium on my fiscal protest last season to attend the Edgar Martinez Day game, I bought the cheapest seats I could. Ironically, they were the same price as the tickets I usually buy behind home (Section H) in Cheney. MUCH further away, mind you, but still they were quite decent. You can't really see the scoreboard since it's right above you, but the CF bleacher seats give you a good perspective on the game as a whole.

I took my 3 cameras -- a point & shoot, no-zoom digital camera, my mini-DV video camera (with 700x digital zoom that goes pixely after about 15x), and my "analog" Minolta 7000i, with a 80-200 zoom. If you want to see action up close, then you'll need binoculars or a huge zoom on a camera. But you really can see the whole game, and they're quite decent seats for $7.

However, having been to Safeco several times now (and not often enough) there are better seats for slightly more. I took my best pictures during the Edgar game from the 300 level above home plate. This is where I will probably go after tickets from here on out.

I mean, I'd LOVE to have the Field seats, and I'd be in heaven sitting in the Lower Box seats. But I just don't have the $70 it would take for two field seats or the $100 it would take to sit in the Lower Box. Nor can I, really, justify spending that kind of money on one game. Section 326 through 337 are the best value seats, then, in the house -- $34 for two tickets. I'd pay the extra $20 for two tickets to sit high above home plate, over WAAAY out in the CF bleachers.

I'm just trying to find room in the budget to get season tickets for Cheney. I doubt I'd go to all 71 games -- I'd be lucky to make it to 25. But to be able to go up on a moment's notice would be sweet! It's a great place to see a game, and I gather we'll have quite the team in Tacoma this year...


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