Monday, January 24, 2005

It's about TIME, DJC!!!!

As they might say in Munich:

Herzliche Wilkommen zu M's Blogosphere!

A heart-felt welcome to the M's Blogosphere to David J Corcoran. Actually, he's been here quite awhile, just interjecting things into other people's blogs. Since I would fathom that everyone who pays attention to anything in the M's blogosphere is aware of the USS Mariner, you're definitely already very familiar with Mr. Corcoran if you read any of the comments. I would gather that a slight nudge from Dave Cameron probably did it (along with a subtle hint from Derek). Nevertheless, it's a good thing, this Freedom of Expression!

I've been wondering how long it would take him, and I almost started an office pool to predict the day he'd open up a shop of his own. I mean, you can only battle the topic mongers over at USS Mariner for so long. It's their house, and they hold down the firmest ship in the M's blogosphere (pun intended). As frustrating as it can be at times, it's also very admirable how they establish their principles and stick firmly to them. It's hard being on your best blogging behavior all the time there, and I've made my fair share of blunders over there. Thankfully the avenue for creating your own blog is quite wide open, and whether or not people actually find your blog interesting (if they find it at all) is not super important. Again, it's a good thing, this Freedom of Expression!

That said, I do find what Mr. Corcoran has to say normally quite interesting, and I'm sure you will too. I guess this means I'll have to open yet another tab in Firefox every morning! BTW -- speaking of Firefox, I'm a little naïve when it comes to using it yet, and I'm too lazy to research it, but does anyone (I mean any one of the 2-3 Morsels readers) know if you can save your tab settings, like Opera, so that when you open Firefox, it remembers all the tabs you have open? Maybe it's not possible yet, but I would hope so (or at least possible in a future implementation).


At 1/24/2005 11:06 AM, Blogger David J. Corcoran said...

Thank You!

And it's not possible to do the tab thing.

At 1/24/2005 12:41 PM, Blogger David J. Corcoran said...

WAIT! You can. Open the tabs you want to load, then go Tools-->Options-->Use Current Pages


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