Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Signings Galore

Ben Davis re-signs with Chicago. They non-tendered him, originally, but evidently wanted him back. 1 year, 1 million per The Transaction Guy.

Joe Randa signs with Cincinnati. Well, looks like the Dodgers missed out on this one. After non-tendering Alex Cora, and signing Jeff Kent and Jose Valentin, I'm curious who's on third in LA. Still, the declining OBP of Valentin seems to contradict DePo's hardline 3-1 value ratio of OBP vs. SLG, according to Moneyball. Surely they're not looking at Tony Batista?

I'm glad I'm not a Dodgers fan!

Now, what would make my Christmas, would be for the M's to shore up their rotation with Wade Miller, Odalis Perez, and/or Kevin Millwood (in that order).

Why Stop Now?!?


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