Thursday, December 09, 2004

L43 If We Don't Get Beltre!

I'm not trying to steal Munchausen's thunder. I still want his post to be prominent on The Morsels, so here's the link.

Now that Glaus is off the market, and Sexson is indeed seriously back on the market, I'm praying we avoid Sexson, and do what it takes to land Beltre. I'm very seriously pondering nudging Beltre up to a "3" on my Splash-Size Pre-Raking Scoresheet.

Was AZ crazy to give Glaus 4 years $45 million? Absolutely! This is yet another signing that shows how crazy the market is this year. About the only decent contract I've seen is Nomar's one year deal ($8 million, possibly more with incentives). I especially want to avoid giving a mediocre pitcher $8-10 million, especially at the cost of a big bat. But what do you do if you're Bavasi:
If we could improve one or the other, we’d probably go toward adding offense. ... But as players come off the board, if we have the money, we’re not going to bypass tremendous pitching in favor of mediocre offense.
So, taken at face value, could this translate into spending $8-10 million on Russ Ortiz, Matt Clement, Odalis Perez -- or even $10-12 million for Pavano, as opposed to $4-5 million on Corey K_____ or $8-10 million on Renteria/Cabrera? Would M's fans be OK with this? If I'm reading into this correctly, then I would endorse such a move.

However, Bill, please be greedy and get two bats.


If we don't get Beltre, then let's have Leone for Third (L43).


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