Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Beltre a One-Hit Wonder? Shh, the Secret's Out!!!

The folks over at All-Baseball's Dodger Thoughts blog make some compelling arguments that Beltre could be a better investment than Beltran. They argue that their pre-26-years-old seasons were very comparable. Since Beltre's only 25, he has more peak years than Beltran does.

Blogger "Nolan" responds:
Agreed. Beltre is the better player but let's keep this quiet!
Sorry, folks, the "secret" is out. Us folk in the M's Blogosphere have developed our "Beltre - Beltre - Beltre" mantra quite deeply. How likely we are to be a player is one thing, but let's not forget which organization our current GM came from. If there's anyone in the M's org that can sell Howard on Beltre, and why he's worth the major investment it will likely take to get him, it's Bavasi.


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