Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well, THAT didn't work...

Sheesh. No posts here for a week. I've probably jinxed George again. I really need a censor 'round here ;-)

His last few outings have been rather rough. Two base hits, followed by a pitching change and that new pitcher allowing at least one of the runs to score. According to Win Probability Added (WPA), which is one of the fun things we like to calculate and chart over at LookoutLanding, George has increased the odds of the other team winning by at least 20% in two outings of his last three. Okay, so today the weather was more favorable towards the offense (in this case, the home team). Still, there needs to be more than excuses.

It may be my jinxing, or it may be fatigue. He's got to be tired -- 59 games through August (and, so far, 4 in September). Sure, he's been used for 1-2 batters at most. But still, that's a lot of warmup pitches. Darn near 2:1 ratio of Games:Innings-pitched.

I think Marc & I saw it coming.


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