Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Buy Austin's CD!!!

Just got this link from Churchill, who also added it to his (much more widely visited) site, but you have to check out Austin Dirkx' newly-released CD. I'm currently listening to the demo playlist, and from what I'm hearing, I love it!

Unlike a lot of other artists whose CDs you wonder why you've bought, when really you may like only 2 or 3 songs, if you're lucky, and the rest of the CD is filler that pretty much all sounds the same, my initial impression of this CD is that while there songs that sound similar, there's enough variety to keep me interested.

Definitely a CD I'd listen to while sipping some Perpetual Merlotion -- perhaps even while working on some photographs. I definitely need to add "Fly Away" to my MP3 player. I think it's my favorite on the CD (that I've listened to on the demo -- I'll order the CD myself when I get home). But, of course, I'm a Simon & Garfunkel freak, and Austin's style has that sort of "chill" feeling that S&G music has. It's a bit raw, certainly, but Austin's definitely got musical talent. I'd grab my bass or keys and jam w/him any day...

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