Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crank up that Hot Seat!!!!!

Seriously. This team needed to be changed months ago. I can see some hesitation to not want to make changes when things are going well. However, since the All-star break, things are not going well.

A CG from Weaver should've been taken advantage of. But no, instead, he gets charged with a loss. That's a problem! Especially since he is showing signs of actually being a major-league starting pitcher. And a league-average one, even!

Strangely, outside of Felix melting down in Toronto and Ho-Ram pitching on the road, the pitching hasn't entirely been the problem. I'm really actually starting to trust Weaver again.

I don't however, trust Richie Sexson or Raul Ibanez. I was honestly starting to worry about Jose Vidro, but he's been the best hitter on the team since the break. Maybe he's just hoggin' the luck like he's hogged his share at the buffet line.

Still, there's a few guys that have quit pounding on the door and are about to bust it down, if they haven't already unlocked it.

This team's broken, has been since day one, and repair isn't too difficult to manage. It doesn't even require any effort on the trade front, although there's certainly lots of room to explore there...

Ugh. Someone re-light that fire under Bavasi. Remind HIM of the hot seat...


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