Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vote for Felix!

Looks like I'm planning on going to Fan Fest, and it'll be another early, early, early arrival. I really want to see the 'new and improved' Felix first hand, and, of course, get photographic evidence. The dilemma, of course, is that if I want to get Felix's autograph, I will likely already have to be in line during his time at the Q&A session. I suppose I could slap on the telephoto from the crowd and grab some shots. I could choose, though, to not go after his autograph (which, actually, I already have thanks to my cool bro-in-law who got it for me there on Sunday last year). But, see, I have a pretty awesome assortment of Felix pictures that I'd really like to have autographed. I'd likely only have the opportunity to have him sign just one picture.

That's where you come in.

On my photography web site, I've introduced a search bank of players whose photographs I've taken during games. Here's my link to Felix. At the top of each picture (when you click on the thumbnail) there's a "View and Add Comments" link that doesn't really look like a link (yet), but trust me -- it's a link. Simply click this link and add a comment or two to the picture(s) you think I should print out for autographing. I'll look at all the comments and see if there's a trend, and on Friday, I'll send that picture in for printing.

(I'm slightly leaning towards this one, however, which isn't in my search bank yet):

I will, of course, if everything works out, post the autographed picture on my Fan Fest 2007 report...


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