Thursday, August 24, 2006

Southpaw Showdown!

I wasn't surprised that a lefty had 9 strikeouts in his start at Safeco tonight. I'm completely stunned, however, that the lefty wasn't Randy Johnson. With the M's being a hugely aggressive team, I sorta expected another domination from RJ. Nine strikeouts seemed about right out of him.

Well, the teams had other plans.

The M's only struck out 3 times vs. RJ, and the Yankees tripled that vs. Washburn. A certain gal I know who was at the game tonight probably is just getting home, and is still swooning. I can practically read her mind:


(Photo pilfered from Deanna, too!)

Or something like that.

But you know what -- In spite of the win/loss record (which we all know by now is NOT something to judge a pitcher on, right?) and the "meh" periphs, Jarrod Washburn is putting together a very solid season. With the recent trade of Jamie Moyer, J-Rod the Washburnator now leads all SPs in VORP (with JJ and Raffy above him). I could make several arguments as to why he indeed has been the best starter the M's have had this season. Not a distinct honor, of course, considering how "meh" the starters have been. But, he's been very solid.

Nice to see RJ pitch in Safeco again -- and finally get a loss. Indeed he was outpitched, not that RJ was all that bad. But, yeah, before the game I would've bet against Jarrod. Fortunately Hendu's law of averages came back around, and the M's got the victory. In spite of the horrid outing by Felix (and subsequent loss), they took the series, too.

I won't complain.


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