Saturday, August 19, 2006

Moyer No More...


If a move like this can be made then a move like canning Hargrove HAS to be next. Moyer was one of the reasons why a lot of fans would go to a game. Now what are they going to do?


We don't even get to say good bye. Hard to believe. I doubt he's back next year.


We already have a hole in the starting rotation. Now we have another one?



Okay. Now that I've had a chance to recover from the gut punch...

Indeed with Pineiro being done and now Moyer being gone, the M's have two holes to immediately replace in the starting rotation. One could argue that Meche's performance as of late signals that they need three. They'll definitely need three starting pitchers going into 2007.

While I'm surprised by this move, I'm not angry. Obviously I have some questions. I am a little bit sad. Jamie was certainly one of the public faces of this franchise.

Here's Bavasi being interviewed on FSN. Notice his body language.

I basically assumed that Moyer was going to retire as a Mariner. I honestly think that will not happen now -- especially since, evidently, Jamie agreed to a mutual option for 2007 with Philly. While I wasn't Jamie's biggest fan, I do have a fondness for a guy who's a fan favorite, and who gives the current team some connection to the past. But a 43-year-old pitcher on his last legs, who cannot pitch well outside of Safeco, shouldn't be a part of the future plans. The M's will have a tough time competing in 2007, and likely won't have a shot at the playoffs until, perhaps, 2008. The young guys are still too green. It'll take another year or two for guys like Lopez, Betancourt, Jones, Reed (if he's still around), Felix, and even (to a certain extent) Johjima to settle into a more consistent performance. They're good players, and I expect them to develop. They still have some room to grow, though.

As far as the two players we get from Philly -- Dave Cameron seems to like Baldwin. The scouting video on him is indeed rather interesting. You never know what you get with guys like this, but, really, what else were the M's going to get for an aging veteran who pitches mostly poorly in parks not named Safeco Field.

Thanks for the memories and the faithful years of service, Jamie! You were a very valuable part of the M's past, and are an absolute pillar to the greater Seattle community. Glad to hear Seattle will always be a home for you. I'll probably come to your good-bye party, even if it's after you retire. Good luck in Philly -- and go get yourself a ring!


At 8/21/2006 9:38 AM, Blogger marc w. said...

I'm shocked at the 2007 mutual option, but it certainly makes sense from Philly's point of view - why give up two pitchers for 2 months of a FA-to-be pitcher whom everyone expects would've resigned with seattle.

Would've liked a *slightly* better haul for Moyer, but I'm still OK with the trade. After the gut punch feeling, of course...


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