Thursday, August 31, 2006

A LOOGY Challenge

The last line in this morning's article on Rafael Soriano in The News Tribune from Hargrove says a lot:
"Everybody in the bullpen just moved up a step," Hargrove said. "Everyone will be asked to do a little bit more."
I'm still very saddened by the injury to Soriano -- both from the scariness of it, and from the loss of Soriano in the 'pen. I really don't want to come across as revelling in this near-tragedy. But at the same time, Hargrove's comment above does indeed shed a positive light on the situation for me. I cannot ignore the opportunity that it presents for GS52.

Maybe, just maybe, Hargrove will let George stay in there a bit longer now, and show Hargrove (or next season's manager who may be watching the games) that he can be depended on for more than just getting lefties out. I recognize that George's splits are pretty wide. That doesn't make him a completely ineffective pitcher vs. righties that should avoid being in there vs. righties. When given a consistent chance, he can be very effective, and he likely would tip the scales of the splits back in the right direction.

It would give George a little extra motivation for making it through the season (not that he's going to pack it in -- he's definitely not that type). His recent health concerns don't currently appear to be a problem. He should be able to handle the extra load. Heck, it'd probably be easier on him than coming in and throwing 1-2 pitches in a game.

Get better, Raffey! And, George -- in the meanwhile, carpe diem! Do what you do.

Here's to hoping Hargrove gives you the chance.


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