Sunday, July 16, 2006

Free Dan Rohn, Part MCMXLVII^4

With all this talk about how bad Hargrove's managing has been over the last series especially, there's got to be a way to reach Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong to give Bavasi the blessing to give Mike the boot. The guy is very seriously bad for my health. Just ask my wife. Or my son.

Of course, I probably should be much, much more like my twin brother from a different mother and emotionally (and physically) detach myself from this team. Unfortunately he inherited all the self-control genes, leaving me with the addiction. I know, I know -- the Mariners don't care about me, and I'm just a marionette in their little ideological puppet show. One thing's for sure -- they don't seem to care about their fans. Howard Lincoln came on the pre-game show and reiterated that for me.

Hmm. Maybe there's one way to do it. Class action lawsuit. Seriously -- I'm sure there can be SOME correlation made between my escalating blood pressure and my addiction to all things Mariners. Heck, just like Stella Liebeck knew that McDonalds coffee was hot, I know that the M's are bad for my heart. Maybe they've intentionally drug me into the abyss, and their massive luring and entrapment can be legally challenged in the court of law. Imagine Judge Judy presiding!

So anyway -- I have a fresh idea for letting the Mariners save some face while firing Hargrove. Just like the 1969 Seattle Supersonics did, the Mariners could name a player-coach. If they're not going to give Rohn his deserved shot, then why couldn't they do that? I've got one person in mind who would help the M's pull this off. Willie Bloomquist. Why the heck not?

He'd be no worse than Hargrove.


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