Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Move to the NL, anyone???

With the win tonight, the M's are 7-0 vs. NL teams. That's just a weeeee better than their record vs. the A's ;-)

Good to see Adrian Beltre not miss a beat at Chavez Ravine. He did pretty well the last time he played there, too. So far, the experiment of moving him to the 2-slot has worked pretty well. I'm still curious whose idea it was.

After my mini-rant as to why I'm not totally opposed to the thought of Barry Bonds in a Mariners uniform, it wouldn't surprise me to see folks scatter away from here quite rapidly. Has it been three weeks -- is marc w back from Europe to rescue y'all from me yet??? :-)

I'm going to do my darndest to get to Tacoma on this next homestand. Hopefully this cold that I developed over the weekend (God's revenge for my thoughts on Bonds? Hmmm...) will disappear, and I'll get to see some real live baseball. Especially with Jeff Clement making his AAA debut. It seems like just yesterday that we were sitting around at the first annual Lookout Landing gathering (waiting for the rain to subside so the game could be played) and Jon Wells was handing off his camera equipment to Jeff and Devin so they could go down to Corvallis to cover the USC vs. Beavers game (and interview the newly-drafted Mariner catcher of the future).

But let's go back to today. In spite of a less-than-stellar start by Pineiro, double-whammied by him having to hit (which, really, with our DH, is that a real issue?), the Mariners bats showed that they're still awake. Against yet another hot pitcher even. Why we seem to have little problem with NL teams, I'll never really know. Is it inferior talent? I wouldn't say so. Sure the Giants are an old team. But lets not forget that the San Diego Padres came to Safeco for our first Interleague series as the hottest team in baseball. And the M's swept 'em away! The Dodgers' offense isn't something to brush aside like we do the Royals'. Again, Brad Penny is having a pretty darn good season. Making that Lo Duca trade look a whole lot better.

Am I alone in thinking that the M's would really benefit from switching leagues? Lets, say, switch with Colorado, and have more legitimate reason to stoke the Padres rivalry, right? Yeah, we'd lose out on the DH. That wouldn't bother me, really, except that it might make the "Edgar" award a bit odd for the rest of the world.

It would sure make life a whole lot more enjoyable than watching the M's get beat 10-12 times a year by the A's.


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