Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Tonight marked simultaneously the return (from the DL) and debut (in AAA) of Jeff "Don't Call Me Matt!" Clement -- and I was there! Both my son and I have terrible colds, and I figured we needed some fresh air. What better way to get it than to drive up to Cheney (thank goodness the DayQuil had worn off by the time we left Oly)? I was in bad need of a Cheney fix, too, so the fresh air is just what the doctor prescribed. Besides, my wife needed a break after having spent practically the entire weekend as well as the first two days of this week taking care of everything around the house. I hope Oly Rainers Fan doesn't get sick (we joined O.R.F. after my son's 6th-inning potty break)!

I was trying to really balance paying attention to my son with taking enough pictures to satisfy my craving. So, instead of the 2000 or so I usually take, I actually didn't even fill up one card. I only shot 805. I know, I know -- I'm a slacker...

Actually, I obviously took plenty. I've been sifting through 'em for the last hour or so, and still haven't completed. I love having a better lens -- in spite of having more good pictures to sift through. I'll try and have the album up later tonight (or, how about right now). But until then, here's one picture of the return of the debutant, dusting off his bat (hey, it hasn't been used for 6 weeks!):


At 6/22/2006 1:58 PM, Blogger Deanna said...

Hey, those are some great Leone pictures. And Doyle. And Clement.

I'm heading down to Cheney on Friday, I think.


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