Monday, March 13, 2006

Petagine for DH!!!!

A few weeks ago, Grant gave us the suggestion to append an extra "aka" on to the site. Since I didn't know a whole lot about Petagine, and how he would measure up over in the US, I was a little hesitant to take up his suggestion that we append "AKA Petagine for DH" to our blog title. Since, ironically, both sides of the D-O-V vs. USSM battle seem to agree that Petagine is a smart baseball signing, I'm more inclined to believe good things about him.

One thing I've particularly noticed is how completely absent from the spotlight, both with the bat AND the supposed leadership, Carl Everett has been this spring. While the Mariners have given him lots of money for those two things (to just about everyone's dismay), it seems that may have been a huge waste of money. Of course, Spring Training stats don't matter, with sample-size issues and all, but still, here's something interesting:

Everett (M's projected starting DH):
.200/.200/.267/.467 with 0 HR (in 15 ABs)

Petagine (Lucky to make the M's bench):
.529/.556/.765/1.321 with 1 HR (in 17 ABs)

Again, I'm not really sure why I even post such meaningless data, but still, it's very clear that Petagine has performed better in a nearly-equal sample-size. And, I'd venture to guess that others out there would bet money that RP would outhit CE over the course of a more-meaningful season as the DH.

Nevertheless -- while the M's are likely to break camp with Everett as the starting DH, I still would like to add my small voice into the mix that screams very loudly:

"Petagine for DH!!!!"

Have the M's found their lefty sock? Yes. Unfortunately they're paying the wrong guy.


At 3/13/2006 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's by far got the hottest bat going this side of Adrian Beltre.

At 3/14/2006 8:08 PM, Blogger Snave said...

I'd LOVE to see Petagine get the DH job. He has been around a while and deserves a shot at it, dontcha think? Carl probably isn't worried, but hey... if I was the ballclub, I'd be considering Petagine pretty seriously.


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