Friday, March 10, 2006

Diagnostics, #5

Getting back on track. Here's another Diagnostic for 2006.

5: Will PositivePaul actually miss having Ryan Franklin in the rotation?

I've talked about my frustration with the Mariners during this past offseason in a couple of places over how they continued to hurt their chances of returning to the post-season by not adding some depth to their starting rotation. I also made my thoughts very clear that if Ryan Franklin were back with the M's, Bavasi should be canned.

Considering that failure to add depth to the rotation, I'm actually wondering if things will get so dire that I'll actually wish we'd've kept Spiroid Flyball. Obviously this Diagnostic is clear -- if the answer is "yes," then 2006 was a horrible, horrible season. If the answer is "no," then the season would be decent, if not good.


At 3/14/2006 8:21 PM, Blogger Snave said...

I, for one, am awfully glad Franklin will be giving up his gopherballs for the Phillies this year, and not for the Mariners. Sure, Franklin is a durable innings-eater, but when someone is as inconsistent as he is, what value is that? You want LESS innings from Franklin, not more. Do the Phillies actually plan to use him in their rotation this year? If so, how long before he ends up in long relief?

Sorry to be so cruel... but after doing fairly well from 2001-2003 (23-19, 3.72 ERA) and the last two years he was an amazing 12-31, during which time his ERA was 5.00. Such a decline might be enough to make a player try performance-enhancing drugs...

I think Washburn will be a substantial improvement over Franklin, and Felix will be a substantial improvement over anyone the M's used as 5th starter last year. As for Moyer, Meche and Pineiro, who knows. I'm cheering for Foppert to have a fantastic spring and a fantastic 2006 in the M's rotation!


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