Thursday, February 23, 2006

Out of Hibernation

Well, one of my old blogging stomping grounds is back in business.

I'm sure I'm not alone in that I started my blogging career over at the P-I M's Blog. I used to call it the Soap Opera M's blog, because it felt like being involved with a soap opera, moreso than a baseball blog. Still, when Mike shut it down for the winter, I will admit to missing it a bit. Certainly it got outta hand, but I was aware of that, and I kinda liked its personality.

After a few months, it appears that John Hickey has awoken the P-I M's blog from its hibernation. Some of the old regulars are re-appearing. Nice to see it hasn't been shut down completely. And, it's also nice to see Hickey taking on the task. While he's not perfect, he's actually a decent writer, and appreciates bloggers. I'll take that. Especially since I'm sure everyone at the P-I is quite nervous about the Times/P-I JOA disappearing.

You have to register now, but that started actually before Mike shut it down for the winter. It's a hoppin' place, though, so go read some Spring Training Fluff, if that's your thing.


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