Tuesday, July 19, 2005

WTF -- 7/19/05

Okay, I'm going back to this whole "What the F**K?!?!" format. As long as no one objects.

  • Mike Hargrove is killing me. KILLING me!!! After watching Sele predictably struggle to get outs tonight, who does he call to get ready to replace him? Righty long reliever Jul-- eeerrrrrrccccchhhheerrccherrrchcchcchcch (anti-lock brake noise). Nope. Guess again. Shiggy F. Hasegawa. What the F***K?????
  • Okay, so Shiggy does his damage, but the M's bats stay alive and bring it back to within one run. NOW it's time for the righty long reliever extraordinaire, right? WRONG! Try Matt F. Thornton. WHAT THE F******K?!?!?
  • Finally, Mateo gets the call and the M's rally back to within two. Chris "Doyle" Snelling launches a double, Scott Spiezio comes in to pinch hit for Borders. Yes. THAT Scott Spiezio. The one who has one hit all season. What does he do? He watches a 3-2 pitch go right down the middle of the plate. What the F*******K?!?!


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