Sunday, July 10, 2005

WTF -- 7/10/05

  • Felix pitched again today -- one scoreless relief inning in a loss. WTF!!!!
  • The M's swept aside the rally monkey, er I mean, the LALALALA Angels. WTF!!!
  • Willie Bloomquist extended his career-best hitting streak to 8 games. With a double, even. Brill Kreme Kreuger called Willie Dynamite, "The sparkplug that has ignited the offense." Uh, Bill -- WTF?????!?
  • Morgan Ensberg is replacing Scott Rolen on the NL All Star squad. Yay!!!! Er, I mean, WTF!!!!!!
  • It's worth repeating. The M's just swept the Angels. A four-game series. In Anaheim. WHAT THE F****************************************************K???

Enjoy All Star week!


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