Friday, July 08, 2005

What the F**K!?! -- 7/7/05

  • Willie Bloomquist hit yet another double, making it 4 in a row. Came back down to earth the rest of the game. What the F**K?!?
  • Joel Pineiro, he of shut-down-early-last-season-because-of-injury fame, threw 119 pitches in a complete game last night, when we were up by a touchdown after two frames. Is this not a prime situation, after 7 innings, to enlist Thornton's or Nelson's services? What the F**K!!!2
    (yes, that's WTF squared...)
  • Citizen K blogged yesterday the most he has since March. What the F**K?!? Missed ya 'round here, CK! :-)
  • Adrian Beltre and Jeremy Reed (my two favorite M's) both had bases-clearing doubles. Beltre would've had another double, were it not for a fine, fine catch by Curtis Pride. What the F**K!?!
  • And, finally, Rob Dibble calls Derek Jeter the "Jordan of baseball" What the F**K?!? (unless, as I said over at LookoutLanding, he's referring to NKOTB Jordan Knight)


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