Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sox v. Hawks-Cruddy Game.

It is hard for me to believe that I wasted 4 hours in driving, $40 in gas, and $20 in food to watch last nights Hawks vs. Aquasox game.
I left my house at 4:16 or so, Pacific Time, hauled butt, going about 85 to Cascade, slowing down only in Donnelly, and then I had to slow down through the canyon, such as to avoid flipping the car, and then there's too many cops in Eagle/Boise, and my car (1997 4-cylinder Jeep Wrangler) is too slow to be able to haul up Horseshoe Bend Hill.

So, I got my arse to Hawks Stadium at about 6:22 (due to excessive traffic on State St.), to see 3B Ronald Prettyman up to bat with the sacks juiced. LF Casey Craig at third, 2B Luis Valbuena on second, and 1B Jeff Flaig at first, nobody out. Prettyman hits himself a nice sac fly, driving in Craig, Hawks 1-0. DH Daniel Santin and C Brian Schweiger proceed to make outs. I am reminded of the 2005 Mariners. They rock with bases loaded, otherwise they couldn't drive in a run to save their lives. This continued, the only sign of goodness when Valbuena doubled and Flaig doubled him in. This was good.

In Corco's opinion, Valbuena and Hall are the only ones that stand a chance to be big leaguers. This was a cruddy looking team. Craig needs to be promoted, however. He's hitting the snot out of the ball but he doesn't look like more than a AA/A Masher.

Mark Reed is awesome. Keep an eye out for him.

But this game was boring. I enjoyed seeing some friends, but otherwise, there was nothing redeeming about it. I enjoy watching the Hawks, I lived in Boise for 7 years, but I like the Sox better. Hawks Stadium is a nice place to watch a game, though. I haven't been to many minor league parks, but of those that I have (A Kane County, AAA Columbus) this is much nicer. Good people. I ran into a tickettaker I recognized from Freshman year of High School, he told me I owed him $50 and he wouldn't let me through until I paid him, so I had to use another gate. But this is a nice stadium. Stunning view of the Boise foothills, nice looking field, generally nice atmosphere. On the third base bleachers there were some drunk morons, but otherwise, this was an enjoyable experience. The game was really boring, though.


At 7/09/2005 11:51 PM, Blogger PositivePaul said...

You probably still owe him the $50, Corco :-)

I still love minor league ball. Hopefully I can catch the Sox sometime -- I've never been to a game up there.

At 7/10/2005 11:48 AM, Blogger David J. Corcoran said...

I remember now that I do. I looked back in my old yearbook and found his signature, with: You owe me $50, followed by his address. written on there...


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