Monday, July 18, 2005

Back to Work

Wow -- it's hard to believe it's been nearly a week since I dared to even dream the impossible dream. It shows to go ya how time vanishes the older you get. I dare not eat the tots I found in my pocket, as I have know idea if they're yesterday's tots, or from a few weeks ago. I guess that it's also going by faster, as the lull period at work has vanished, too. My blogging time at work is finally taking a back seat again to a project with an impossible timeline -- though, believe me, I'm not complaining. I'd much rather have 1,000 things to do at work, all colliding at once, than have a few things to get done without a specific timeframe. Plus -- it shows that I can actually force this ideology to the back burner when I so desire. Sure, I need to feed my addiction, and I do take a few minutes here and there to catch up on the latest M's news. But, times like these show that I'm not so suckered in that I can't ease up on it for awhile.


Is it merely coincidence that Willie Bloomquist's starting role experiment took a break the day after his career-best 10-game hitting streak ended?

Nice to see Mount St. Piniella erupt today. I was wondering how much fire he still had brewing in there.

George Sherrill will be back soon. He's finally pitching again in Peoria. Who will he replace -- Thornton? Villone? Nellie? Shiggy? Here's to hoping his health is back, and that I don't jinx it again.

Bobby Madritsch's tear is 100% healed, according to the "augmented" MRI. However, I'm sure that with the amount of M's pitchers who've suffered serious injury lately, you can pretty much believe that the MRI was augmented only slightly less than, say, Pamela Anderson.

Here's to hoping that Bob Weiss' tenure as Sonics head coach, inheriting a team in a slightly better situation than the 2003 M's, lasts longer than Bob Melvin's, under very similar circumstances. Except that the Sonics have already pretty much rid themselves of aging, over-the-hill veterans, and will build on the success of the 04-05 season with a core of Allen/Lewis/Ridnour/Collison, Allen being the greyest of beards. I like that makeup better than I did the 2003 M's that BoMel inherited (Boone, Olerud, Edgar...).

Let's see what we bring to Toronto. Especially offensively. Good thing Halliday's enjoying a club-med vacation. Lilly is beatable. As is Towers. Chacin's ERA has climbed up nearly a point in a month. Can Morse continue to be very solid with a bat? He's had over 100 ABs now, and has really been quite surprisingly consistent.

Here's to a series win against elsid's favorite team, eh?!?!


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