Monday, June 06, 2005

Interleague Play is Coming

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What to do? We have 5 perfectly capable outfielders and 1st basemen and DH's, and only 4 spots to fill.

For the 1st game:
Because Moehler is right handed, you bench Sexson, not to mention that Sexson has a .182 career average vs Moehler (2 for 11, 3B(!), K) Winn hits Moehler really well, 6 for 11 with three doubles. Ibanez isn't good against him (0 for 8, 2K), but he's been swinging the hot stick lately, so I'd start him at 1st base.
Probable: Ibanez in left, Winn on the bench

For the second game of the series:
Logically, you keep a lefty out against the D-Train, leaving you benching Reed, Ichiro, or Ibanez. With Ryan Franklin up for us though, a feller who doesn't seem to ever give up ground balls, the logical choice is to bench Ibanez.
Probable: Reed gets the shaft, Ibanez to left, Winn to center

For the third game v. Beckett:
I'd put Reed on the bench.
Probable: Reed gets the shaft, Ibanez to left, Winn to center or Ibanez gets the day off

In the next series, I'd give Ichiro a day off, and then I'd probably give Winn and Reed another day off.

We'll just have to see.

As far as putting Ibanez at 3rd like the P-I suggested, I think I'd do it, but only after having him take grounders at third base from the minute they got to Florida tonight until midnight, and only if it looks good. Will it actually happen, though? Don't bet on it.


At 6/08/2005 1:04 PM, Blogger PositivePaul said...

I want to have Ibanez at third -- third in the ORDER, that is. Move Beltre down, Grover!


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