Thursday, January 27, 2005

Not quite a Mariners Morsel, but still...

Weird tidbit of the day:

Looking at the site statistics for Mariners Morsels, one person viewed this blog after doing a Google search for "Photos of Jodi Mientkiewicz." Now, I don't know what's stranger -- that The Morsels is at the top of Google's search results for this (,GGLD:2004-48,GGLD:en&start=30&sa=N), or that someone actually clicked on the link when presented that result.

I'd vote for the Google search results as the most odd thing. All the more reason why they need to hire me on as a linguistic IT consultant. I've got a ka-jillion ideas on how to improve their search engine, and an IT background to boot. But the fact that Google combined two separate, completely unrelated blog entries, physically separated by a whole heck of a lot of words (let alone two subsequent blog entries) and established this as the top search result just baffles me. Especially since the Morsels is a Blogger site, owned by Google.

I don't mean to get fussy about Google, which still is by far my favorite search engine, but still.

And, no, I don't have any photos/pictures/video of Jodi Mientkiewicz on this web site. Nor do I plan on it. Other pictures will come at some point, but not of the type I'm sure some of you are looking for. I've got some cool pictures of Safeco and M's games there, though, and I'm willing to share them.

In case you're interested, here's a quick one:

Cotton Candy anyone?


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