Monday, December 13, 2004

More Spewage From the Top

I'm pretty sure that Munchausen is already formulating his thoughts on this article, but I'm so livid, I thought I'd jump in and share my thoughts on Howard Lincoln's interview with Les Carpenter in Saturday's Times.

Let me start this off with Howard pointing out how his wife (sarcastically) feels about him:

"Listen, Grace," he said. "Listen to what this guy said, he called me 'a money-grubbing soulless leech.' "

Grace Lincoln paused.

"Yeah," she finally replied. "That sounds like you."

So, Howard's speaking through his wife saying basically "I'm not a 'money-grubbing soulless leech' -- you can ask my wife!"

I'm very scared that this article is appearing just before the M's sign Sexson, and in the thick of the Winter Meetings. It appears to be yet another piece of evidence that the M's are trying to downplay expectations by exploding this signing as the biggest in franchise free agency history. Quite frankly, it's not. I'd actually equate this signing with when we signed Olerud. Olerud was certainly not going to approach .400 in Seattle any more than Sexson will approach 45 HRs in Seattle. A minor, sign-a-local-fading-star, type of contract, sure. But a big splash -- not at all! More like a belly-flop, especially if it's the sole offseason signing. Even worse if it's Sexson AND Delgado.

Howard, if you REALLY want me to think that you're NOT a 'money-grubbing soulless leech' then you need to not tell me (and, yes, having your sarcastic wife tell me that you're not is equivalent to YOU telling me), but rather SHOW ME. Here's a hint: add to the Sexson signing by bringing in Beltre, JD Drew (or Beltran), and Matt Clement (or something equivalent). Do this, and I'll send you a formal apology for even thinking you're a 'money-grubbing soulless leech.' I might even publish it in the Seattle Times...


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