Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hot Stove League 11/11/04

If you're not already aware, the M's have taken the gracious liberty to archive the Hot Stove League broadcasts on their web site. I'm currently catching up on the 11/11 show, as I was out of town when it aired live.

A few things of note that Bavasi talks about while interviewed:

1) Ron Villone is looking for a multi-year contract, and while the M's would like to have him back, they are indeed looking at other options. Taking his comments at face value (and not trying to analyze them too much), this is a good thing. I wouldn't mind having Villone back, for the right deal, but am not in love with him.

2) The exclusive negotiation window had basically come and gone with Dan Wilson (at the time of the interview) and Bavasi basically said that the only thing that would keep Wilson out of an M's uniform would be for another team to have a full-time job for him. This, too, appears to be a good sign, in that the M's are ready for him to truly test the market. Everyone in baseball knows that Wilson's intended role in Seattle next year will be to mentor Olivo and help him learn the pitchers, as well as being the main receptacle for Moyer's changeup. He will not be the starter in Seattle next season, and should not be paid like one. That said, though, his value in Seattle is clearly more than in any other city. Truly the M's will overpay his market value, and I hope that Wilson (if he returns) recognizes that, and would be willing to do what's best, financially, for the team. If he's truly the gentleman he appears to be, he'd take less money to stay here, and would not be demanding a contract for more than his market value. To determine his market value, he needs to be thrust out on the market. I have a feeling his services are not very highly in demand outside of Seattle.

3) Bavasi was asked if he reads the info posted on the Internet (~50:45), and pays attention to the rumors and other things that appear in the beat writers' columns. Basically, Bavasi admitted that he reads the web all the time, and goes on to say that the M's scouts are divided up into areas, and part of their responsibility is to read what the locals are saying about players. Of course, the time he spends on the web, I'm sure, is limited, but hey, let's lift one up in hopes that he at least browses the blogosphere, and in particular, the more reputable USS Mariner** at the very least.

**DMZ's latest hiccups on Jamey Wright and Mo Vaughn aside...

Bavasi, bring us Beltre or Beltran. I know you've got the dough -- show us you got game!


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