Thursday, July 03, 2008

Goodbye, Sonics! Go to HE__, NBA!

In the early days of the Morsels, I mentioned that I didn't grow up as a baseball fan. My first love in the professional sports world was the Sonics. I vividly remember the Sonics BOOM! era, with Bob Blackburn, Downtown Freddy Brown, and the Fat Lady singing, long before Kevin Calabro. Who could forget the Band-Aid twins (Johnson & Johnson). It's safe to say that I hated Wes Unseld much more than I dislike Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong today. I loved Freddy Brown and Jack Sikma as much or more then as I like George Sherrill and Adrian Beltre today. I cried when I heard Dennis Johnson died.

I still have the LP where this MP3 came from. I saw the Sonics play in the Kingdome. And long before Key Arena was renovated to become Key Arena. My dad was watching a Sonics game when I noticed our trailer caught on fire in the driveway (and Sonics games on TV were very rare in that day). When the Seahawks were invented, it took us a few years to pay much more than passing attention to them, and again, I paid even less attention to the Mariners (seeing my first game in the mid-80s and finally paying SOME attention in 1986).

I have many fond memories of the Sonics. Again, they were my first team. I'm so disappointed in the news that they're leaving, but my apathy for the NBA was well-established a long time ago. Yeah, there's a chance that Seattle will get another NBA team, but you know what? I honestly hope they don't. I've switched from apathy to hatred for the NBA.

Good-bye Sonics! Don't come back. Unless, of course, another professional basketball leagues is formed after the mess that the NBA has become. You're dead to me. The NBA is a bigger bunch of losers than the Washington Generals. It's almost as big of a kayfabe, at the very least...

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