Monday, June 16, 2008

Something to ponder...

The M's just got swept -- SWEPT -- by the worst team in the worst league. Seriously -- we all kid about the NL being a place for second-class players, and the M's just got swept by the team in the cellar of that league.

"I Built This Team!"

"My Oh My, Bill -- yes you did!"

"Can you smell it? That's your 2008 Mariners..."

Edit: Wow. That was uncanny. I had no idea that move would happen today...

I've utmost respect for Bavasi the person. I didn't like him as the GM of the M's, but let's make one thing clear -- Bavasi's not an idiot. He's an incredibly awesome person who just wasn't able to make things happen as a GM in Seattle. See ya, Bill! Good luck with your future -- I'd still buy you a drink and sit at the table with ya any day of the week.

Bring Horacio along, okay?

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