Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Screw Junior -- The M's Need Bonds!

I know they'll never do it. I know the blog-o-sphere has overstated this. I'm still going to say it.

Now, more than ever before, the Mariners need a bat. They need some attention. They need a guy who can distract them from spiraling completely out of control. Yes, it's cold outside and it's still spring (and the kids are still in school) -- but that's only a minor reason why attendance is plummeting.

Apathy, I'd say, is probably the biggest reason.

To cure this apathy they could a) start winning; b) get someone in there to draw some attention in or c) do something drastic (and stupid) by clearing house completely. Since a) isn't about to happen, and c) isn't about to happen, that leaves us with b) -- however remote THAT even is.

A lot of talk lately has centered around bringing Griffey home. Yeah, that might be interesting. But considering that Griffey is on the downhill slide of his career arc, and would require giving up talent, he shouldn't be the first option. I just don't trust Bavasi with his trading track record.

So, really, that leaves us with Barry Bonds as the next logical option. Yes, he too is on the downhill slide of his career.


Barry Bonds at age 44 is a better hitter than Griffey at age 38. Yeah, yeah -- PEDs and all that crap. I discussed this nearly two years ago. There's news that the union is looking into possible collusion, with how Barry Bonds has been treated in free agency.

I hate Barry a metric ton. I don't care, though -- I love the Mariners more than I hate Barry. This team needs a kick in the ass. Barry's about the only guy around who can do it.

To a lot of people, Howard Lincoln doesn't have a soul to sell. Well, it's time for him to sell whatever's left of it to make room for one of the best hitters of all time, even if he skirted unspoken rules (PEs, of course, not being banned by MLB during the time Barry Bonds was likely to have taken them).

This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

I really am starting to hate this team.

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At 5/10/2008 11:45 PM, Blogger Snave said...

I am getting very frustrated too, Paul. I agree with you about Bonds... I detest the guy, but you know what? When you can't hit your way out of a paper bag, signing a guy like Bonds is like a huge no-brainer.

Why are they not signing him? Is it because he is not a Dan Wilson or Jamie Moyer Boy Scout type guy? I don't care about that right now... I just want to see them win some games and see them use players who can get on base and drive in runs. Maybe Junior could do that but as you suggest, acquiring Junior would probably cost Seattle something like Clement or another prospect. Can't you just see Bavasi giving Cincinnati a good prospect for a guy who is about at the end of his career, just so he could DH for the M's for a season or two and then be kept past his useful time as a player, just for sentimental reasons? I think it would end up being a colossal waste, just for the sake of putting a few more fans in the stands for a month or so until the novelty wore off.

I think that if the M's had different people in their front office, there might be a fire sale in the works. However, I don't think people in this organization are too willing to admit mistakes of huge proportions. Bavasi was good to admit things didn't work out so well with Horacio Ramirez, Jeff Weaver, and recently with Wilkerson. I think he could stand to go on record now saying they maybe shouldn't have traded away George Sherrill to get Bedard. Should they have re-signed Guillen? Who knows... but while the off-season moves added an excellent SP, he typically makes only 80% of his starts and has already missed some this season... a big hole was created in the bullpen... a big hole was created in the OF and they tried to plug in a journeyman in RF... several fairly-high-end prospects were sent to elsewhere... etc. ad nauseum.

If things go on like they are now for another month and a half, and if the team is something like 28-45 or worse, I'm thinking some major moves will have to be made. Just what, I wouldn't have a clue. There aren't enough people in the minors to come up and fill holes for the M's, are there? Going into total rebuild mode would probably mean trading veterans for youngsters. I don't think this organization would go into total rebuild mode, and if it's Bavasi trying to rebuild the team, I don't want to see anything resembling a fire sale.



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