Saturday, July 08, 2006

Got More Work To Do, Bill!

I was too busy compiling pictures of Francisco Cruceta last night to pay any attention to the score in Safeco on the scoreboard at Cheney at the game last night. I'll probably write up my thoughts on Cruceta's performance soon, but Dr. Detecto has two posts that are interesting discussions on Cruceta and the M's philosophy with pitching. I have learned, though, that you can learn a whole lot about a game by reading game threads from Lookout Landing and USS Mariner. It's nice, too, to have Gameday to look back on.

But one thing I do know. It's time for Bill to remove more tools from Hargrove's shed. The next one: Julio Mateo. For the M's sake and Julio's sake, it's time to look a different direction. Hargrove's riding him waaaaay too hard, and punding him into the ground. It's not fair to Julio, and it's not fair to the M's starters whose ERAs are consistently bloated.

There's a poll question on LookoutLanding -- "Trade Deadline: Buyers or Sellers." I wish there was a response for "Both" because that's how I'd answer it. But I chose "Buyers" because by selling, they'd be buying. Okay, that doesn't make sense. Still, while we "bought" Eduardo Perez, we "sold" Eddie Guardado. By "selling" Eddie, we've "bought" our chance at further wins. How, you ask? By removing him from Hargrove's toolshed.

So maybe I should've chosen "Sellers" -- because by selling the guys they need to get rid of, they're improving their team. Exactly -- buying more wins.

Let's hope, anyway...


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