Friday, April 21, 2006

More Lens Fund Fodder

After back-to-back 2 a.m. late nights, I finally have the Felix Day Foto Album up.

Here are a few more photos:



This Ichiro picture is currently my desktop wallpaper at work:


The "Not Quite Killer" B's (Beltre, Betancourt, Bloomquist):

Oh, and BTW... I think Willie Bloomquist might've heard me on Tuesday. Okay, no. That's not what I said, per se. I try not to have a potty mouth in front of my son in public.

But I did teach Joey to yell "Pinch Hitter!!!" when Wee Willie came to the plate. Sure enough, he stole an RBI away from Adrian Beltre...


At 4/22/2006 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great set of photo's. I need a better camera, though I like the one I got for xmas.

Very nice. :-D

At 4/22/2006 10:12 PM, Blogger PositivePaul said...

Thanks for stopping in, tomar13! Of course you can use the pictures. If you got some spare change, feel free to deposit it into the "Lens Fund" -- but if not, that's fine, too. I'm trying to share with the blogging community, which generally has cool stuff for free anyway. I've set up the "Lens Fund" to have a place for those folks who feel a need to toss in a few coins.

I'm discovering that these pictures actually look better on paper. The more I have stuff printed, the more I'm really enjoying these pictures myself. I blew up a GS52 picture pretty huge (12x18) that I've framed for my cubicle. I hope I have room.

At 4/24/2006 10:51 AM, Blogger PositivePaul said...

Thanks a ton, tomar13! I really do appreciate it!


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