Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Do, Citizen K: Niehaus Bugs Me, Too...

Citizen K tried to hide this in the previous post, but I'm overriding his thoughts and escalating it here. Of course, he's got the red edit pen (and whatever color the "delete" pen is), too, but still:
Dear Dave Niehaus:
Dude, here are five words for you: Say Richie Sexson's Entire Name!

I've heard Niehaus repeatedly refer to Sexson as "Sexy." As if a man old enough to be Sexson's father calling him carnally appealing isn't bad enough... Last night in the 8th inning Dave shortened that moniker to "Sex." OK. When a 70-year-old man looks at a 6'7" man half his age and the first word to come out of his mouth is "sex," there's a problem. Dave--did you know that "sex" means something else in most other contexts? Think you might be willing to put forth the extra effort to say Sexson's entire name in the future? I beg you.

Citizen K


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