Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blogging while Uploading...

The pictures just finished copying to my computer, all 1,809 of them. Just a few words before I get busy sifting photos.

If you're into collecting baseballs, make sure you take a cute kid with you. I dunno how many MLB baseball games I've been to, but I do know that I'd never scored a baseball. Joey got a hat-trick tonight. After arriving at Safeco, we went over to the LF foul line. I'm not sure which Texas player it was, I think it was one of the pitchers, but immediately after spotting Joey, he tossed him the ball he had in his hand. Heh. At least it isn't a Willie Boom-Boom Dynamite "Game-Used" Practice Ball like Deanna got. After the game was over, another kid tossed Joey the game-used baseball he'd just gotten while the Texas players were going up the tunnel (right by our seats). Finally, on our way out of the stadium, a dude about my age handed Joey a freshly-signed Brad Wilkerson baseball.

Although we lost, the game itself was interesting enough to keep him engaged. Well, at least when he wasn't flirting with a lady named "Michelle" sitting behind us. I wasn't very successful, though, trying to explain where Jeremy Reed was. I was wondering that same thing myself. Good ol' Hargrove started Boom-Boom in CF, instead of Joey's second-favorite outfielder (Ichiro, of course, being his favorite).

Elsid called around the 6th inning. Just about the time Jake Woods was doing his best Matt Thornton impression. When we saw George go from leaning over the CF wall in the bullpen to warming up, I grabbed my camera gear and asked Joey if he wanted to go see George. With elsid still on the phone, we quickly ran over there as George was starting to throw his warmup tosses. We made it just in time for me to have Joey screaming "Hi GEORGE!!!!" while shaking the screen practically right in front of George's face. Of course, being in the midst of getting ready to put his game face on (and relieve a shaky Woods), he, I'm quite confident, was totally oblivious to the screaming both Joey and I were doing. And, when I put the phone to the screen for elsid to yell something, I'm fairly certain that whatever elsid said pretty much went unheard. Still, as he trotted into the game from the bullpen, Joey and I yelled "Go get 'em, George! Kick some butt!" Okay, well, I was the only one saying that. Joey tried to copy me, but since he doesn't quite have the potty-mouth his father does, he just said "GO GEOOOOORRRRGGGEE!!!!"

And, of course, George did go out and kick some ass. Whatever sibling connection was present at that moment in the bullpen, worked. I'll take 2 K's in 1 and 1/3 inning 8 days a week, and twice on Sundays.

Joey had a blast, it was well worth the money I shelled out, and I got tons of photos. A quick glance at the first hundred or so shows some pretty good ones.

It's 1:04 right now. I need to get to bed. I'll try and get some posted in the morning.


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